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Sea 20h
Sitting quietly
But my mind's on fire
I'm done with being a *****
You don't have to agree with me
I'm stealthily peeling off my chains
Pretending that I'm still okay with the status quo,
That I'm still going along with the flow,
I'm going against the current,
But it's taking everything within me
To break free.
But I refuse to be a *****
To the crumbling systems
Of this society.
Sea Mar 7
What is love?
Is it the outstretched hand of grace,
Helping those who are abandoned and in pain?
Is love the magnetic pull between lovers,
Enchanting both into a realm of splendor?
Or is it the inner calm,
That fills you while you witness God paint the sky
magnificent colors?
Is love the moments in which
The dam of your heart bursts open
Because life is so bittersweetly beautiful?
I can't reckon which one is true,
But love must be true
Maybe it's a mixture of mind and heart
That leads to the conclusion of love
For true love
Can neither be rash
Nor too cold
It must be balanced,
And directed by the Soul.
Sea Mar 3
I can't quite express it
I'm experiencing an outpouring of ideas--
Passions of mine
That have been latent,
Locked down under feelings of
Insecurity and a sense of not being enough.
But the dam that kept my potential locked away
Has cracked.
And a surge of
Beautiful, magical
Passion is bursting through me,
Searching for soil
To plant all my ideas in
So they can grow, gradually,
With the nurture provided by my Passion's
Exuberant love.
Sea Feb 26
Take my hands and give them power
Let supernatural gifts
flow through both my mouth and fingertips
Enrapture me with your love
May it radiate through my being
Transcending beyond my earthly cares
To ******* the veil of this existence
So all present can witness
A reality beyond the mediocrity
of humdrum living

I've mulled over countless explanations in my mind
Trying to understand
The anatomy of healing
But spiritual perception has a tendency to bleed
through the confines of controlled analysis
It can be difficult to quell nagging doubts
When the subject matter is so elusive

But I want it
I want to operate in the supernatural
I intensely desire the ability
to be in constant communion with the Divine
I want to impact the world for good
with a love that comes only from God
I surrender myself completely
For I find no lasting pleasure in carnal pursuits
I find it only in
communion with God
and when I am ministering healing and liberation
to people weighed down by heavy burdens,
like I once was
It's in the moments when I'm fully surrendered to God
and living within the center of his purpose for me
That my heart feels like it has palpable rays
That are shooting forth
Ever-widening my heart
And encompassing me within a shower of
everlasting love pouring down on me
and the entire universe
But your heart needs to be cracked open
and humbled
before you can experience this ever pervasive and
present shower of love
Your spiritual sensitivities
must be awakened once again
and attuned to see
Sea Feb 24
I'm a girl captivated by the waves
I enjoy anything mystical
I am child-like in some ways
So easily enchanted and blissfully whimsical

I never fared well with conformity
I was a flower and they tried to suffocate my natural grandeur
Arbitrary social rules caused me disharmony
They kept cutting away at me, destabilizing my core

But my essence didn't die
Though it had become like a faint flame
As I regained my spirits the flame grew inside
And it was then I realized I couldn't stay the same

I'm a lover of earth
Water, Sky, Earth and Fire
The elements are the source of my mirth
And the supplier of my deepest desires.
Sea Feb 24
My wounds come to me as offerings,
Inviting me to journey into my deepest brokenness to excavate the lessons in my wounds and ultimately heal them.
I've turned to journaling again without rules
It's nice to see myself reflected on paper, free of judgement
Sea Feb 19
I walked down memory lane
Pictures appeared on either side of me
Photographs from times past of
Smiles and laughing
Crying and pain
It's all come and past
Everything is ephemeral
I rode the waves of all these experiences
But the waves have crashed on the sand
Life is tranquil now,
and unplanned

My head is full of echoes
of these memories
I'm a marionette
Controlled by my past
In all my dreams
I am back in my glory days,
Stuck there
On rewind,
Trying to find a way out

I had dreams then
I grew up but the dreams
Never became fulfilled
So I regressed
So I could still find
Solace in my dreams
For my dreams feel impossible to fulfill
in current time
But they still seem attainable
When I'm viewing them through the lens
of my past self

I find comfort in who I used to be,
Now I am an ambiguous being
Not sure of who I am
and where I am going
Listless and lost
Numb, merely existing
Without any real drive
Reality is the water to my fiery passions
I've strived for so long
to bring my dreams into fruition
But reality has cooled my idealistic zeal
And left me spiritless.
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