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andsies Sep 2018
I’m sorry I can’t
feel that way
about you

I wish that you didn’t
feel that way
about me
15 y.o. me knew what was up
andsies Jul 2018
I promise I’m trying my best not to back out

and I promise and I promise and I know that you’re okay with me being unsure  

but it feels like I’m just a lost cause waiting for the inevitable day when you see

that this is it

this is all you’re getting from me

it feels like a lie though from day one you knew what you were getting into

and I tell you all the time that I can’t even figure myself out

and you offer to help me solve the puzzle but I don’t understand why you’re so willing

when I give you no guarantees

I guess you must love me

not weighing up the pros and cons like I do

you love unconditionally

like you're supposed to

and I can't help feeling like I'm not holding up my end of the deal

and even though I do all I can

I don’t think I'll ever feel the way that you do  

is that enough for you?
hydrangea: frigidness, heartlessness, heartfelt gratitude for being understood
andsies Apr 2018
I could make you breakfast
I could hold your hand
If that might be enough
To make you understand

That although I may not show it
In ways that others do
Believe me when I say
That my love is just as true.
andsies Mar 2018
A rococo armchair
a balcony with a view
pale in comparison
to you.
andsies Mar 2018
We run from the downpour
to the safety of the car
a warm glow of paper cups
steam rising from their mouths
now silenced by water

I say,
“I hope he likes his hot chocolate
with a shot of rain"

You respond with a laugh;
Small and fleeting
and sincere.
andsies Mar 2018
Your love like coltsfoot
is fraying at its edges
with golden intent.
andsies Mar 2018
Feel myself falling back
Into familiar territory

Don't want to name any names but
I've met this beast before

We aren't friends but I know him well
And he knows me better.
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