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-A Apr 2022
And if,
by some miracle,
you ever let yourself fall in love again
Fall in love with me
-A Apr 2022
You give me a feeling..
One I can’t help but think I’ve always missed
The one I knew all the lucky ones got to feel when they were kids
You know? Like, when they’re all giddish and bubbly
Almost as to say “My cup is overflowing”
You make me feel childishly silly and grown up all at once
Kind of like when dad would give me a sip of beer sitting at the dining room table, waiting for dinner

The feeling of a love
A love that’s safe
A love without judgement
A love that screams acceptance

The kind of love where you dance about to your favourite songs at 00:00
But it’s not really dancing
It’s just flopping of arms and kicking of feet
Running around on tippy toes
Wearing an oversized T-shirt and no pants
The kind of love where two bodies sway in the kitchen to the sound of a boiling kettle at 03:00
It’s an embrace that sets you free
It’s toothbrushes kissing in the sink after that goodnight cig
It’s bare feet meeting in secret under the covers
It’s being doused in ecstasy whenever skins intertwine
It’s fingers running through unkempt hair
It’s laughing at nothing and everything at once
It’s waking up to breakfast in bed
It’s running shower taps, temperature perfectly set

It’s being carried to the tub when you can’t find the will to move
It’s you washing my hair
It’s tears being wiped away, palm wrapping around my face
It’s being remined that I’m alive when I felt dead inside
It’s the voice of reason when my mind turns grim
It’s two arms folding gently around my waist
It’s flashing a grin
It’s two hopeful eyes staring at me
As if to say “You can’t do any wrong”
It’s hearing “I love you” when I don’t feel very strong

It’s not always perfect
But it’s honest
It’s beautifully pure

It’s knowing everything will turn out quite alright
As long as you’re by my side
-A Dec 2018

Sometimes it lights up your whole world.
Other times it shatters your entire universe.
-A Nov 2018
I was still peering into those starry eyes
And suddenly into oblivion
-A May 2018
I still feel it,
the heartbreak,
every other day.
It doesn't seem to get better,
It gets easier.
-A Apr 2018
And even when he had all the time in the world.
He never quite had enough for me.
-A Apr 2018
My soul will chase yours,
as did Apollo with Daphne,
over this lifetime into the next.
It will not cease to love you,
neither will it ever be able to accept the loss of your love.

For my heart had been yours upon my first breath drawn in this god forsaken world.

But eversince,
your love has just been stars I fail to fathom into constellations.

— The End —