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You light my world,
and you fill my heart.

?Thank you for bringing
beauty into my life with
every moment we share

This is not an occasion,
it’s for no special reason,
it is purely giving thanks
for being my person.

You are my world, and
my heart is yours.
You're cold, and so am I.

The bundles of black tree stalks tower.
Their short ice-coated limbs puff like smoke,
Such naturally produced chimney stacks.
But this wonder inspires madness.

This magical world with you and I
Can only be measured in the real.
Why cloud ourselves with synthetic doubt,
When we could cherish what we can see?

The morning sun, squandering for heat
Has yet to overcome the winter.
The right recipe would ruin sight
Of something so much greater than warmth.

Nurturing open landscapes with you,
Our esoteric dreamscapes break free.

Your smile is what warms my cold heart.
I am the hunter before the harvest.

The new day's dry thirst of something fresh
Turns for the worst in the want for flesh.
A single dose could not be enough.
Counting the seconds prove to be tough.

Constant yearning reaches starvation.
A wick of drool blackens to old ink.
The horrendous hunger writes a tale
Originating straight from my mouth.

Past pleasures are painlessly gloated,
And the wrong feelings were forgotten.
An addict to the intervention,
Convenience replaced true affection.

Kept in the corner, left out to rot.
Stripped all your honor, left out to die.

Above all, you deserved a swift death.
You sit only inches from me.

Every right turn's tragic momentum
Theatrically lunges you closer to me.
The smallest points of your elbow
Lightly brisk the top of my memory.

The tickle sends a shivering pulse
Between the blades of my back.
The knot of my neck is hardly strong,
But weakness has fled from my head.

The feelings emerged are nothing new,
But my feelings submerge about you.
Wondering how well you know me,
But how much more you know my friend.

The compassion of trust to a friend,
Verse the pressure of lust to a trend.

The car stops, my place is on the left.
Your coy movements wave at the world's end.

Stuck within the hinge of a tear dollop,
Your form dances in and out of focus.
Emerging like acquainting whispers,
You are the unkept secret tucked away.

My mind barks orders to produce an image.
Gears hardly churn like chewing stale gum.
The very idea seems intruding,
Rendering your features would be rewarding.

Avoiding the gaze that may morph to a glare,
Foolishly scared like a cherry red kid.
Confidence regained, paralysis sustained.
My actions are planned and assembled.

Beneath my brow, muscles flex, tendons stretch;
My eyes become the second hand's twitch.

I turn to you already turned to me.
You talk as I attempt to listen.

The thick air between you and --
I divide my attention so badly;
Breathing lost voluntary importance.
Your voice is a song I haven't heard.

My pupils gaze on your rain drenched hair
Following every trickling bead's river.
My reflexes see to be more magnetic
Catching every vigorous downward drop.

Lost in the soaked contours of your collar;
Transcending to a moment as new strangers,
Revisiting my premonition of you above me,
Our bodies, together, can change worlds.

Within a matter of seconds,
We have traveled for days.

I remember to breathe and listen.

— The End —