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Andrew Robertson Aug 2014
As I watch closely,
Expertly stalking my prey,
She still amazes me.
Her brilliant blue eyes
Are deep as the ocean floor and
As wide as the starry sky.
Her confident walk ablaze,
So stunning and rare,
Enchant all who gaze.
Her vivacious body,
So curvy and precise,
What a Hottie!
She is simply divine.
If I could have one thing,
I'd wish she were mine!

Written By:
Andrew D. Robertson
Andrew Robertson Aug 2014
Board games, card games
your games, my games,
I can't get enough.
Checkers, Chess, Stratego,
Battleship, Clue and Risk
require such strategy
and a taste of boldness.
For Twister and the Slip-n-Slide,
you need flexibility and dare.
Monopoly, Ultimate Frisbee
and Slaughter Ball all require
a good amount of aggression,
where Senet, Operation and Connect Four
only need clever patience.
For Jenga and Topple,
you need the skill of a gymnast.
Rummy, Gin, Go Fish, Blackjack and
War, you need only an opponent.
Now, go play!

Written By:
Andrew D. Robertson
Andrew Robertson Aug 2014
As I looked upon her,
The hourglass tipped
And I knew my time was running out.

I lay there,
Thinking of all the things I could've said,
Somehow missing the one thing I wished to say.

And as I slipped away
into the ever-growing darkness,
I screamed those words I longed to say,
Knowing they would never leave my mouth!

Written By:
Andrew D. Robertson
Andrew Robertson Aug 2014
Twenty years or more ago
When I was just a boy,
You came to me in a dream
And filled my heart with joy.

You made me laugh.
You made me cry.
All in all,
Time passed me by.

I traveled around the world
Searching for my sweet dove.
I searched in vain since time began,
But you were here all along, my love.

I love you more and more
Each and every day.
The very thought of you
Just brightens up my day.

Each time I close my eyes,
I see you up above.
Each time I see you,
I see my only love!

Written By:
Andrew D. Robertson
Andrew Robertson Aug 2014
You stole my heart,
but you don't even  know my name.
Your enchanted eyes imprisoned me,
and in that paralyzing moment,
I became yours.

You stole my heart,
but didn't even care.
You're the main attraction
everywhere you go and never notice
your throng of admirers anymore.

You stole my heart...
and I want it back!

Written By:
Andrew D. Robertson
Andrew Robertson Aug 2014
What if you could control what
happens in your dreams?
Would you test your limits
or go all out in a fantasy?

You could fly high as you dare to go.
You could swim to the depths of the
ocean and wander the streets of Atlantis.
You could dance with the stars.
You could play hopscotch
in the constellations.

Would you travel to all those
exotic places you've never been?
Would you wish for riches, glory
and a lavish lifestyle?

You could take the Rainbow Bridge
to Valhalla and enjoy a feast
in Odin's Great Hall.
You could even be imbued
with all the power of Thor.

Would you become a super-villian
and ravage the streets?
Would you take another route and become
a hero to save and protect the streets?
Would you wreck havoc on this
world with all those "natural" disasters?

The greater your power,
the greater your adventure...
And the greater chance for it to
turn into a nightmare.
Will you invoke that power
and become your nightmare?

Will you play it safe and
dream of something peaceful?
Would you avoid adventure

Whatever you choose, make your
dream your own!

Written By:
Andrew D. Robertson
Andrew Robertson Aug 2014
God begins to darken the sky
near the end of each day.
The Linnet serenades the
Guardian Sun with it's sweet song
as God lays him down to sleep.
The most beautiful guardian
rises with all her friends
with ever-watchful eyes.
The Moon, in all her glorious wonder,
takes watch over us.
They are our Shepherds;
our protectors!
Those of us who hear
their call and rise to the
challenges may join the other
heroes in the night sky and
help guide our next generation.
Choose carefully and lead your
life with honor and courage
and you, too, may be called upon.
Will you answer the summons?
Will you rise to the
challenges that await you?

Written By:
Andrew D. Robertson
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