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Andrew Castillo May 2020
A laugh
The minute you struck up a conversation
A shy kiss
Till the minute it ended
I adored you

Time passed by
Having spent my youth
On memories
I still adore

The waves lapping
The gulls crying
A false memory
I adored when you suggested a faux rendezvous

Neon lights, sugary kisses
The late night heat sweltering
A false memory
I adored when I pretended you were there
Seaside with me

In the present
But still the same
The same old stir in my heart
That made me adore you

For when your heart is full
With someone else's love
I will still
Adore you
With tender eyes
And a soft smile
Andrew Castillo Jan 2015
It scares me
Because I have grown accustomed to your manners
The way you talk
How you break into a big grin
When your passion heats up
It scares me
Because you tell me good morning
And good night
And breaking out of that habit would **** me
I scare myself
Because I keep falling in love with you
Day after day, night after night
Andrew Castillo Apr 2014
Don’t become a writer
You will write down how their eyes twinkled
Or the way they said your name
You will describe how their touch felt upon your bare skin
You will write down the details of your first kiss
How the sky was painted pink and purple
How the wind danced through trees
How the world faded from view
Don’t become a writer
Because their memory will live on through words you write
And when they’re gone
They’re still telling you how to write
Andrew Castillo Apr 2014
I could wrap you in my arms
I could whisper sweet nothings
I could love you gently
If you promise to stay

The kisses you leave
On my bare skin
Make me fall to my knees

The glimmer in your eye
When you say my name
Sends a shiver down my spine

I could love you from far away
I could smile with you near
If you promised to stay
I could love you this way
Andrew Castillo Mar 2014
Your name refuses to leave my head
It is bittersweet on my tongue
I sigh your name all night long
Your laugh still lingers in my dream
Your smile makes my heart flutter
Your kindness makes me weep
Your love warms me
The way you say my name
Makes me stumble
No one says it like you do
It has been that kind of day
Where you haunt me
From far away
Andrew Castillo Jan 2014
What would you say
if you caught sight of me
What would you say
to long hair that refuses to be cropped
to the protruding belly
and a weak smile
I hope you could say
"I miss you" or "hi"
What would you say
when you caught wind of me
afraid and scared to move on
yet hesitant to embrace you
What would you say
if I told you
Andrew Castillo Jan 2014
One day
You will someone to hold you in a tight hug
Their embrace
Will make you smile and laugh
On a cold winter day
They will wrap their jacket around you
And when summertime comes around
Someone will push you into the water
You will get mad
Until they jump in with you
When Valentine's Day comes
And you dreaded it with fear
Someone will have dinner ready
And your favorite candy
And when holidays are here
You can take them home to meet your family
And watch them embarrass you
One day
This will happen to you
And when that happens
Let it be
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