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 Jan 2018 Andre Vrdoljak
I am not ready
don't pluck me
 Jan 2018 Andre Vrdoljak
I tried binding my feelings for sometime
                      Unfortunately it kept spilling everytime

So I left such feelings to haunt you down
                      As am moving away, away from this town...

Fictional. Not going anywhere ;-)
 Jan 2018 Andre Vrdoljak
$8.75 popcorn butter stains my fingertips sweet,
and there's salt on my lips and in my hair.

A restless hand finds yours in darkness
rudely interrupted by blue light and washes of pinks.

And I find my heart tearing itself underneath your easy smiles.
tongue-tied and shy.
Some memories
are like
a cigarette
whose firey ends
burn a mark
upon your favorite linen
while you look elsewhere
and as you're able
to hide it from others
you know
it will always be there
John Keats
John Keats
Please put your scarf on.

— The End —