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Andre Vrdoljak Apr 2020
The radio never listens to me
My dog never calls my name
Though the floors never walk on me
So I guess I can’t complain
Andre Vrdoljak Apr 2020
A rumble calls
A false cry for rain
Wither the plants
In a dry spring’s pain
Andre Vrdoljak Feb 2020
The dark is for the monsters
The dark is their only mask
Fear them as you should
But forget not those who bask
Andre Vrdoljak Feb 2020
The brittle grass beneath his feet
The cooling air won’t fail the beat
Was feeling sick but can’t throw up
Too tired to sleep but can’t get up

This pill to swallow, a bitter beast
And time spent here, still meant the least
Static sparks in electric air
First given was warning fair

Wonder out and he will tell you jokes
Between *****, Red Bulls an’ Cokes
Now an echo cries and begs to stay
Tied to a wish for a happy birthday
Andre Vrdoljak Aug 2018
Give me winter
Set me free
From lethargic

Let me care
Permit me want
In the chill
Of winter’s hunt
Andre Vrdoljak May 2018
I am bleeding broken teeth
Out on the driveway
My BMX buckled beside me
And the whole world in front of me

I am typing up scripts
To sell consumer goods
My empty lunch tin beside me
And a deadline in front of me

I am watching the curtain breath
Through the balcony door
My dog sits beside me
And the weekend in front of me

I am memory pushed through a straw
Into the shape of a man
My dreams beside me
As with the whole world around me
Included in I am... (Ja sam..)  exhibition
Andre Vrdoljak Apr 2018
It’s not special where we go,
It’s a bit of a mess.
There isn’t really tons to do
But it’s all right there I guess.

There’s litter in the stream
And old pants in the grass.
Also the highway’s right there
But you can’t here them pass.

Still it’s out in the trees
And down by the lake.
There are benches and geese
And place for a picnic to make.

There are golf ***** by that fence
Half set in the ground.
And an abandoned hall
With broken glass all ‘round.

There’s even a pebble bridge
Where I get my paws wet.
And bushes and a squirrel,
I’d get him if I were let.

It’s a special place we go,
It’s a beautiful mess.
There’s tons there to smell.
Our time spent is the best.
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