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Andreus Soprano Aug 2013
It all started with an idea.
A thought, a moment.
That feeling I felt.
I couldn't control it.
See the world from a different view.
A world of only me and you.
A world where love is kind and all.
Winter, spring, summer, and fall.
Time stops, hear not a sound.
Depth of my love, it has no bound.
Andreus Soprano Jul 2013
Cursed to suffer the pains of the past.
All I want is to make this last.
If only she knew the sincerity of my emotion.
She sets my heart in locomotion.

Distance between us tears us apart.
But she is the one who holds my heart.
Dream chasers set on a different course.
Love is not something that you can force.
Andreus Soprano Jul 2013
Lost in confusion
Is this an illusion?
Hands on the ground
Not a whisper nor a sound

Head to floor
I want something more
Taste the distress
Of what I confess

Love flows through me
Can this truly be?
Soul binding love
Unity with the One above
Andreus Soprano Jul 2013
Light of the moon, the twinkle in her eye
No one around, just her and I
Heat of the hour, try to control it
Bound forever, stuck in this moment

She speaks softly and hides her face
Lost in her beauty, without a trace
Opening a window to a world unknown
Waiting patiently for her soul to be shown

Long nights and long drives keep us apart
But it is her who has my heart
Andreus Soprano May 2013
Gone for a while, but stuck in the moment
Try to hold back, try not to show it
Her unwavering compassion and subtle flair
I can't help but to stop and stare

That smile of hers is freedom's light
Timeless eternal, an endless sight
Beautiful angel, she is worthy of love
A true sign of the One above
Andreus Soprano Apr 2013
An individual soul in a sea of similarity.
She lives with the flow of life's simplicity.
Her elegance and wisdom of aesthetic brilliance.
To capture Divine beauty, to give matter essence.

If only for a moment, a glimpse of eternity.
If only for a moment, a glimpse of eternity.
Andreus Soprano Mar 2013
Change comes in all shapes and sizes
Filled with a lifetime of surprises
Don't run away, never fear
The truth will always be near

You can't change change, only your reaction
So don't sit around, put your plan to action
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