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André Fernandes Apr 2016
Overwrite moments w/ 1s and 0s,
in binary mood,
until love is gone for good.

Do you remember when we
were 1 amongst many 0s?

What was once the sound
of a smile in your laughter,
tied together by sine waves,
will become empty 1s, empty 0s
after we press ‘Y’.

And the machine will
wipe the sectors for days,
until the cycles become unreadable,
and that’s when
our love will truly be gone for good.

Like a puzzle you try to solve
with the wrong pieces.

And now smashes the hammer.
Only the hit will tell
how gone for good our love will be.
A poem about losing something that you can't really recover. Like data in computers.
André Fernandes Mar 2016
how many sunrises is a lifetime worth?
André Fernandes Aug 2015
another dusky morning.
the summer fog
stole the sunrise a chance.

black coffee spilled over the soul.
another burn telling me
I must rise & get my kicks before midnight.

the sunrise will grant me everything.
but what is everything, what could I lose,
where can I go if I all have already stirs my heart?

I just listen to the song and watch the sunrise;
the summer fog mingles with the heat of the light.
the less I worry, the more it mingles.

I've turned water into wine by not turning it at all,
I've poured my fantasies & dreams, and created a new reality.
And Time is enjoying every second of me.
this is a song for the little moments and little things that make our lives worth living.
André Fernandes Dec 2015
The entire sky collapsed in its clouds,
as if life were a dream never to be reckon with.

In all fairness, I have been shown what love can do:
it can do more than anything you can ever imagine.

And I did, I did. And I done it again.
After all, the universe wasn't programmed.
So I did what I could: I grabbed love & loved myself.
André Fernandes Dec 2015
Do prefer love
over the complicated questions.
A blindfold is
the only truth you should care to know.

Desire for my body to warm your soul
& reach out for a fire that won't burn.
I'll wander our souls to places
where rock rolls all day long.

Unplug my cruel heart
and leave the good side
to rule over my deeds,

and all I'll ask of you in the between
is a fair song
& the sound of your laughter
blowing in the wind.

But if it gets hazy & distant,
I'll do what I do best:
I'll rewind the road
& walk over the old one.
from a distant fireplace in December 2012
André Fernandes Jan 2016
highway without cars,
but condensated dreams
scattered all over the road.

past is the future,
ahead the unknown,
the road is neverendless.
André Fernandes Sep 2015
"Alchemy is the rainbow that bridges all that is earthly and ephemer to all that is heavenly and eternal. It's the bonding of matter and spirit. The desire for a perfect life that can only be achieved through knowledge.

Alchemy is the union of life and death to fullfill a more fundamental purpose: that of the creation. To create life from nothing."
Based on Stash Klossowski's definition of alchemy
André Fernandes Sep 2015
“A alquimia é o arco-íris que une tudo o que é terreno e efémero aos planos celestes e eternos. É uma mistura de matéria e espírito, de querer e de saber. É a união da vida e da morte no seu mais perfeito sentido de existência: o da criação.”
André Fernandes Dec 2015
When the day comes
I'll put out my pipe
and watch the sun go by, all the same.

Yes, the thing with dreams is
you never know when or where.
The good news is, neither do they.

The day comes to never return again.
The sun that shines will be the same tomorrow -
but all else & the world belongs to you.
André Fernandes Feb 2016
As I write ifs and elses
& grab some dreams
out of the shelf,

I am struck by
a miracle with beautiful legs.

I am struck again
by a feather with a soft spring song.

And I lose my mind
to these little things that belong
to that time before summer.

The melody that echoes in my humming
and your beautiful uncompromising pace
send my spinning wheel of emotions
to never ending places.

To love you is to write you down,
word for word, until the pen loses its ink,
and another days goes by in dazes
and it could rain deserts for all I care.

All of the sudden,
my poem gets touched by other,
and that’s how poetry is made,
you see?

She lives in all of us,
somewhere, somehow,
waiting to be unfolded.

And the day will come
that the best poem will come bursting
out of an entire life of compilations.
André Fernandes Jul 2015
There was one sunset, of all the rest, I will never forget. All the green countryside miles, all the flashy cars in furious thunderstorms, all the music that matched the red oranged skies of the dusk (because they were as pure as that) - all of that remains untouched by the jaws of time. The sunset of our first night together.

I've sinced learned what it means to love, to let go, and to never look back. I've loved and let go of it, but I can never, ever forget that one sunset of my life.

Many more will follow, many more will surely become objects of nostalgia. That's the way of life, I suppose. And all those dreams we shared, I don't regret any of them. It's good to look back and remember a time when life was easy to live and so full of sunshine; where smiles and eyes were easy to reach.

But I'm better now than I was then. A better man, with better dreams, and hungry for new sunsets. And while it feels good to remember those days of youth, I know nostalgia belongs in the realms of shallow fantasies. I can only reminisce the good times we had, but I know there was grief and gloom and thunder at times... only Time seems to make everything seem so perfect. Or distance does that. Maybe we do when we look back at the greatest moments of our lives, just because we can not relive them in the same way.

But there's no telling when or where the next sunset is going to happen. There's joy in the past, but there's also an unsettling thrill in the future. There are moments waiting outside of my boundaries, and I still don't know that I know.

We always fear the future. We fear the good things. We fear Death because we are too afraid of not having anything at all to fear. But we need fear. We need it to feel other emotions. We need loss to value life. And we need the night to wish for the day. And we need the present to hope for the future and make the best of it out of our yesterdays.
André Fernandes Sep 2015
open your window and let autumn come in.
then, prepare a cup of coffee and let him
scatter your books all over the floor.
André Fernandes Dec 2015
I composed w/
body & soul,
but it wasn't enough.

I touched perfection
and burned my finger.
I'll never do it again.

I am Love. I am enough.
Waiting for the rainbow,
no, I'll bow the rain on my own.
André Fernandes Dec 2015
Collages of stars
that sustain
some Western Dream.

Living off of tuna cans,
there's my dream, stumbling on the floor:
the carpet reads 'HAPPINESS HAPPENS'.

I write better when I don't write
with a sense of purpose.

You'd think there'd be more to it.
But no. It's just words, man. They can only
take you so far without your feet.

And it may be to me
the same that is to you.

The rain outside, I open the door
& let my loved ones shelter inside.

And just like that,
with all the mercury in my blood,
I leave the door opened.
André Fernandes Sep 2015
night gave us a chance
of another sunrise.

everything I see, I want, I love.
she does too, in some weird way
of existence.

smile and gazing,
we're two, but never forget the world.
we miss the sunlight if we keep the door shut.

now you have a day to live
and you can make that day
the best day of your life.

I'll be waiting for you on the other side of the night;
All my days are the best days of my life.
André Fernandes Oct 2015
the most beautiful of all
lives as if childhood was today -

and the sun would still rise in the morning
even in her death.
André Fernandes Jan 2016
we live to see forever
and watch it unfold;
we live to die
just for one day.
André Fernandes Nov 2016
in a mental december haze
looking out the window for my love.
it's the falling season
of motions in the leaves that gather around
and cover the ground,

and the lost road now belongs
to those whose feet wander around
not searching for nothing,
yet finders of all that is worth.
André Fernandes Aug 2015
A luz febril da infância rompe pelo milharal dourado.
O Rei Sol adormece, para lá do âmbito,
para lá do Fim dos Tempos.

Não será a última vez.


The feverish light of infancy
strikes deep
in thru the golden cornfields.

Her sun souled feet
won’t stand still -
they rave the sand
of endless seas.

No life, no death,
just the ride in between.

Once upon a time
the gods made us
and we made them.
André Fernandes Feb 2016
if I could
rule your days,
I'd craft a sun
just to measure
the shadows
of your dreams.
André Fernandes Oct 2015
as if one's soul was already dark
from the light of dawn.
André Fernandes Aug 2015
I know a place away from home.
Moment of inner dawn.
To recall the last words of a man
who saw beauty in the air
and never had work a single day:

“I’ll cut the wood
First thing in the morning,

And dawn came with new age.
I saw love outside my cage
and had the key for a long time.

She was another midnight soul
dancing in the streets of fire.
She called me in the middle of the storm
and my arms, wrapped in denial,
felt free from the chain of dreams.

Real or unreal, what’s it worth to you,
the ride in the wind?

“If I pass out, call the shots.
I will drop you a line on the shore
when I fade in Morgana’s arms -
Another sun souled celebrating
a love that touched
the sea of possibilities.

And all the vanilla skies of our dreams
will rain youth
on the river of what we were,
but those waters will never be lost to the sea.
Quite possible the best poem I ever wrote. I grabbed some parts of a poem I wrote when I was 15 and added 5 brand new years of existence.
André Fernandes Apr 2016
I just wanted to come
and wish you well.


Sometimes it just doesn’t happen,
the kiss I had for you.
André Fernandes Dec 2015
gonna hold my soul
to the devil untold;
just a cup of coffee
and you'll never know.

they wait and they wait.
If only they learned how to bend the winds,
their ships would go anywhere.
André Fernandes Jul 2015
I've got the right to fly.
André Fernandes Jan 2016
your hardest days
are the ones you really feel alive.

to be deprived of challenge
in exchange for a comfortable life
can seem a reasonable thought,

but it doesn't make for a much interesting story,
and life without stories to tell is no life at all.

so let the rain fall in your face, once in a while,
and go to nowhere, see where it's at,
and maybe on your way back
you'll find that the rain doesn't bother you anymore,
and that maybe that's because of the new you.
André Fernandes Apr 2016
Gentle the rain

Don’t hide your smile
If you don’t like when
The sun hides in the clouds.

Your smile warms my days,
Just like the sun of a blue sky.
André Fernandes Mar 2016
The spontaneous momentums
of my wild laughter
try to keep up
w/ all these insane rides of my life.

I know me well and I lack discipline.
But that won’t mean a thing tomorrow,
because I’ll live more, and I’ll know better.

When you and I talked for hours on end
we sheltered on each other’s hopes & dreams,
and promised never to fear crossroads in our journey.

We let go of that strange need for constant presence,
because where there is friendship, there is a place
with warmth enough to sleep by the fire.

When you came to me in tears, lost in your own world,
I talked you out of it and showed you mine,
and you smiled: “How can you be so happy?”

And I said:
“I choose the color of my days.”

The universe was a given
from the get-go,
and we are flowers that can choose
to grow, each day.

It has been said before
many times
by different words,

but happiness happens.
André Fernandes Nov 2015
when day is done
the sons of metalurgy
will return home -
dusk upon their shoulder
and a sharp eye
looking for trouble.

but time flows ever onward
and many more twilights
will show.

the search will feel ancient
and the chest of memories
will weight a lifetime.

she and the moon glare in the distance:
how many dreams it will take
to walk the one and only road?
André Fernandes Sep 2015
sleep under the tree
like children lost
in the wild summer
of infancy.

there’s a moon out there
that shines in the sun.

o the musing philosophies
I’m so infinite
and I didn’t know what I could
but I can Oh I will Someday.

only I can stir her soul.
only she can move my pen.
she says it’s her scent
I think it’s her touch.

step inside the abyss -
there’s a labyrinth there
where you can free yourself
& lose everything else.

you’re so infinite
you really didn’t know.
André Fernandes Jan 2016
she got her blue eyes
from a dream.
she never is, she always was,
she seldom is anywhere.

jumping out of the fryin' pan,
my girl knows where I'm coming from.
I hope her fire will last

and her raw soul will open to me
secrets & musings & reveries,
but I'll never burn out. I'll always be free.
André Fernandes Aug 2015
«You always write the weirdest things»,
she says with a java jive smile.
The sun burns red among the living.

I lay down with my thoughts,
what a marvelous sight:
you and the river.

I guess you are unique
in a world of colors,
so paint at your will.

And if my colors should fail
and jeopardize the painting,
I'll know what to do.

I'll **** every morning,
waste every sun.

I'd rather stay on the shore
and watch you happen
than to live with half a smile.
André Fernandes Apr 2016
dawn on the backyard.
No guarantees
that it will be a hot
summer's day.

I am here. Not a sparrow
with a song,
not a pigeon with a
poem attached
to an unwilling paw.

Just walking the walk,
reading out loud
to children,
trying to mark
their childhood,
to dwell there,
as a strange familiar
friendly memory.

I said I'm no one.
Just someone with a song.
I miss the old feeling
of being kissed by the world.

I had more,
I just don't carry these words

I am here. Surrounded by
a universe that holds
in a mysterious pose
a magic box.

but I know
what I must do.

I won't chase its tail,
and walk my own trail,
and that's when
it will reveal itself to me.
"the infinite universe revealed & the soul is left to wander" - Jim Morrison
André Fernandes Apr 2016
To see a fraction
of the world:
so many different people
and all of them
have something to tell
a poem of their own,
and sometimes you just want
to stop it all
and go to them
and grab that poem
and read it

but poetry doesn’t work that way,
and so you wait
for the poem to unfold.
André Fernandes Jul 2015
I looked for something in the archives.
An old poetic note written in ancient days;
and old feeling attached to a certain song,
like a sunny day that danced around a melody
my soul never forgot.

Wasn’t a love poem.
I’d never waste a single thought in
that old same unreasonable doubt.

One day we kiss,
the other we set sail,
we regret, we return,
we won’t stand still.

Wasn’t a love note for sure.
I wouldn’t dare love you
or write down my feelings for you.
I don’t belong in a bedtime shelf.

But I look for you, every now and then.
The streets feel so empty
when you can’t find your place in the sun.

Void and endless mental shapeshifting changes
swift my mind and soul, but I wouldn’t waste a single thought:
always had too much time to ****,
but I would never let my soul dry out in the playground.

I look for nothing, can’t find what I can’t wish,
and if I dream, I really should not.
André Fernandes Jan 2016
I left home to search for an endless road
and I will go wherever it may take me.

Through visible and invisible,
I'll rain new rivers out of many seas,
and sleep deep dreams under the willow trees.

Through sunless mornings and many nightfalls,
I'll wander true places that host lair to thousands of tales,
and all this I'll do while erasing my trail.

Because once I take these many roads of life,
I can't come back home
to be the same that I was when I left.
André Fernandes Nov 2015
the old heavy sinking sun rised
and all dawn's doubts were gone
with the morning star.
André Fernandes Aug 2015
she is by the window.
she seldom is anywhere.

she has a poem inside her,
waiting to be written.

her eyes a thousand nights
that seek to rise -
to gather all the stars.
André Fernandes Aug 2015
As I pondered thru rivers & streets
& breathed dusk of lemon scents, I
chose an ancient star to gaze & waste my
contemplations on;

In my writings, I bled my soul
to give life to the distant star;
I wasted all the words in the world.

Then she was gone. I sat alone with a poem.
I was never enough,
but I was alright.

I’d exchange all the things I’ve ever loved
for a chance in the sun.
André Fernandes Jan 2016
With night lies a watchful sight.
Breathing lungs waiting in detox -
does it hurt to be out of the center,
on the edge of dawn, another door,
oh life could be so much more.

(black dragon under ceiling.)

She waits because she has the time;
My kid, again, returning home,
lazy school days, nothing could hold me on;

(and it dawned on me that my time, I wasted it on a dream.)

Friday ate ice cream watching the sunset,
I took her for a walk around the citadel;
Ran for miles during my youth, wasting all away,
but Time on this life is our great illusion.

New kids at the playground,
where I used to play one day.
Now, school days are over
even though I miss them so.

I took my soul elsewhere, beyond,
and I don't care where I'm going.

No, I don't care, where I'm going,
because I know I'm not going
I'm not going anywhere.
André Fernandes Oct 2015
it was ten years gone.
I was just a kid in love.
The idea of love was a playground.
Love was an idea, for a kid.
I knew ****.


Must have been pretty strong
to last to this day.

I sipped many beers on my way back home.
Kind of makes you feel sometimes
the road could just go on, in motion, without a safe net,
without the safety of a way back home.

As if yesterday never came
and tomorrow never went
to that radioactive place
where love is lost
where love is found.
André Fernandes Nov 2015
os muros da cidade estão
pintados de poesia,

pintados de palavras rudes
que revelam os sonhos
de cada alma.

Esses são os sonhos da cidade
e todos eles se tornam
num só.
André Fernandes Apr 2016
Before I burn
This diary,
I will gently
Rise my bent knee
And name you
My humble wishes:

Offer me sanctuary.
Be my peace of mind.
Grant me your summer smile
In days of wintery rain.
I will faint and return
By the grace of your autumn air.
I will beat the wind
That rises tides out of your kind hearted soul.

I want to fall asleep
And feel the sun on my face
Sheltered in your arms,
Caressed by your fingers.

I will greet many days
And reach out many smiles
If the only life I have left
Remains blessed
By your presence,
My love.
André Fernandes Aug 2015
Outside the subway we
saw an old man
dancing in the rain.

[There he gave
birth to a revolution.

Dare to say
he was only a man,
like me, like you,
born to rule, to conquer,
to defy, to rave,
to seize
the promise of another day.

There was a
sweet conversation
in his mind, where he ruled
kings in his wisdom.

All the gold in the world
couldn’t beat his
dancing soul.]

Outside the station we
did not see a man -
we saw the sun aligned with the stars.

And it makes you wonder
if such gentle and uncompromising act
alone justifies the purpose of existing.
André Fernandes Jan 2016
peanut butter & black coffee.
if that feels like the best **** coffee in the whole world,
it probably is.
André Fernandes Apr 2016
She walked in the café
and asked for a red apple,
and I was sitting there,
falling in love,
with a green apple on my hand.

We eyed each other, as man and woman do,
and we laughed at each other’s apples
holding an ‘hello’ still to come.
André Fernandes Nov 2015
home is where
the soul is warmer.

home is where
the sun is the sunniest.

home is where
the world ends and begins.
André Fernandes Oct 2015
the jazz in the car
moves the wheels.

the highway for
the end of summer.
the purple sunset rains
cascades of stars.

The dices,
They don't roll anymore.

the beauty of any road is that
it leads to everywhere,
if you dig its trail.

the search for another search
stirs my heart & soul,

but I keep on going
for the laughs.
André Fernandes Sep 2015
travelling down the highway
around mountains and walls of stone,
watching that beautiful spanish sun go down

another moment that goes on
to fulfill its nature
and become object of nostalgia.

travelling in this life,
gathering nothing but
beautiful sunsets.
Check it out!
André Fernandes Dec 2018
Standing in marble awe,
contemplating this winter night,
my soul searching continues,
ruining the age of another wine.

Walk with me, in the maze park.
The north will settle,
we'll light another cigar.

Here lies, optional,
my emotional litter -
the tiredness of
walking over water
and taking over the sins.

Paying no mind to this finite state -
the gone moment of our walk
lingering on the shoulders
of my solitude.

See, these are simple equations,
and they are my solace -
the exciting unknown
divided by knowledge.

This is dawn setting on someones window,
yet to bloom, yet to rise.
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