It is with time alone For which only a future can unfold An with it I am everything That destiny allows- A
Peter Balkus
London    E: culture.drive@yahoo.com
United States    "I don't live in darkness, darkness lives in me" These are all original writings by theultimatepanicqueen and are subject to copyright © 2016-2017 **ALL RIGHTS ...
54/M/Michigan    Who can understand a poetic mind, besides another poetic mind and so here we are... Welcome! Some of my poem/songs have registered copyright protection Traveler ...
Life’s too short To drink bad wine Living’s, too sweet To suck on lime Existence too diverse To cry and whine Creation too wonderful Most ...
I want to live a life worth writing about.
W L Winter
"Poetry helps me understand who I am. It helps me understand the world around me. But above all, what poetry has taught me is the ...
Bryana Twice
Escher/ Hersham Surrey    Living and writing in a little place called Escher right now. A country girl at heart and enjoying the small town vibe after big ol' ...
lluvia de abril
Writing life as I go...words are scarce. So much we will not control. Live, live, live. The story writes itself and life, well life becomes ...
Mike Essig
Mechanicsburg, PA    I am a monk, minimalist and anarchist. I now live in Mechanicsburg, PA in a shotgun apartment (without a shotgun) with only a neurotic cat ...
m i a
m a r s    sixteen, and trying to stay alive. i'm not here to impress, i just want my words to be heard nothing more, nothing less. ©
Ph    I am my own moon but you are my earth and my sun
New York City    ~They tried to bury me, but didn't realize I was a seed~ (Mexican Proverb) I enjoy writing poetry and stories in my spare time. Sometimes ...
Elizabeth Mayfall
20/F    Poetry, prayer, and wintry evenings. Current student of psychology. Potential mix of Emily Dickinson and Louisa May Alcott. Respect the poems. They're my property. Thank ...
New Zealand   
Margot Dylan
In my heart.    My name is Margot Dylan, and I'm slowly dying.
Ariel Baptista
Montreal, Quebec    If you like my work, find my blog at https://letrangerechezelle.wordpress.com/ (Ariel Baptista is a pen name)
Tranquil Dawn
31/F    Life is just a moment, how are we going to be remembered?
Serenity LeeAnn
Marta Rampini
united states    marta / 18 ballaad.tumblr.com all poetry by marta rampini is © copyrighted for business inquiries or general questions, email me at martacr888@gmail.com
RH 78
Amanda In Scarlet
London, UK    I love that moment of connection and the lump in your throat when you find a really special poem. And I've read many, many special ...
Adrian Betz
Germany    "The core of all life is a limitless chest of tales" - T. Holopainen _ 2 years anniversary! If that isn't a reason to celebrate, ...
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