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Her yesterdays slipping away silently
Midnight shadows beckon to her
The coolness of the rain on her chilled skin
Shall she wither and fall to the benumbed ground
like the leaves of Autumn?
Conjuring distant memories
that seep into her internal darkness
Slipping away on frozen wings
leaving her alone and hungering for more
Will griefs bitter heartache consume her?
Or will early summers sun speak to her
of a new beginning?
Gentle breezes sweeping it all away
Lingering only long enough
to remain a lasting gift of comfort
His touch is nothing more
than an obscure memory now
The endless longing increases
without her acceptance
Is there nothing in this frozen world
that belongs to her?
Crying out into the blackness
She becomes one with her own anguish
As it silently permeates into her very being
Begging to be released
from the confinement
of her fragmented heart

**To be set free forevermore
for leather accrues
The miracle of the streets
The scents & smogs &
pollens of existence

Shiny blackness
so totally ***** she was
Totally un-hung-up

We looked around
lights now on
Top see our fellow travellers

I am troubled
By your eyes

I am struck
By the feather
of your soft

The sound of glass
Speaks quick

And conceals
What your eyes fight
To explain

She looked so sad in sleep
Like a friendly hand
just out of reach
A candle stranded on
a beach
While the sun sinks low
an H-bomb in reverse

Everything human
is leaving
her face

Soon she will disappear
into the calm


My Wild Love!

I get my best ideas when the
telephone rings & rings. It’s no fun
To feel like a fool-when your
baby’s gone. A new ax to my head:
Possession. I create my own sword
of Damascus. I’ve done nothing w/time.
A little tot prancing the boards playing
w/Revolution. When out there the
World awaits & abounds w/heavy gangs
of murderers & real madmen. Hanging
from windows as if to say: I’m bold-
do you love me? Just for tonight.
A One Night Stand. A dog howls & whines
at the glass sliding door (why can’t I
be in there?) A cat yowls. A car engine
revs & races against the grain- dry
rasping carbon protest. I put the book
down- & begin my own book.
Love for the fat girl.
When will SHE get here?

In the gloom
In the shady living room
where we lived & died
& laughed & cried
& the pride of our relationship
took hold that summer
What a trip
To hold your hand
& tell the cops
you’re not 16
no runaway
The wino left a little in
the old blue desert
Cattle skulls
the cliche of rats
who skim the trees
in search of fat
Hip children invade the grounds
& sleep in the wet grass
’til the dogs rush out
I’m going South!
When my daily visit  
Becomes 2 hours too long
When my guitar stands alone
I know it's time to play on
When I'm not here
The circuits don't cease
Everything in my world
Is poetry...
How can someone you don't know effect you so strongly,
in a way that you'll never understand.
You just sat, smiled and spoke so kindly,
wearing cute clothes and studying,
organised and stylish,
you told me the shortest life story,
we laughed then it stopped.
You got off the train.
Just like that, you were gone.
A simple "see ya."
Never to be seen or forgotten again.
Seriously, help me...
With a smile you ask,
"Darling, do you see the ant on my hand?"
   Yes dear
"Darling, do you see the bright sun and the blue sky?
   Yes dear
"Darling, do you see the sky? The birds and the planes"
   Yes dear
But I don't see.
I see the nurse and the drip on her hand,
the blinding LEDs and ****** blue curtain.
I see the hills of untouched food and the mountain of meds.
But I smile knowing that you can only see the sky.
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