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Her yesterdays slipping away silently
Midnight shadows beckon to her
The coolness of the rain on her chilled skin
Shall she wither and fall to the benumbed ground
like the leaves of Autumn?
Conjuring distant memories
that seep into her internal darkness
Slipping away on frozen wings
leaving her alone and hungering for more
Will griefs bitter heartache consume her?
Or will early summers sun speak to her
of a new beginning?
Gentle breezes sweeping it all away
Lingering only long enough
to remain a lasting gift of comfort
His touch is nothing more
than an obscure memory now
The endless longing increases
without her acceptance
Is there nothing in this frozen world
that belongs to her?
Crying out into the blackness
She becomes one with her own anguish
As it silently permeates into her very being
Begging to be released
from the confinement
of her fragmented heart

**To be set free forevermore
André Fernandes Apr 2016
dawn on the backyard.
No guarantees
that it will be a hot
summer's day.

I am here. Not a sparrow
with a song,
not a pigeon with a
poem attached
to an unwilling paw.

Just walking the walk,
reading out loud
to children,
trying to mark
their childhood,
to dwell there,
as a strange familiar
friendly memory.

I said I'm no one.
Just someone with a song.
I miss the old feeling
of being kissed by the world.

I had more,
I just don't carry these words

I am here. Surrounded by
a universe that holds
in a mysterious pose
a magic box.

but I know
what I must do.

I won't chase its tail,
and walk my own trail,
and that's when
it will reveal itself to me.
"the infinite universe revealed & the soul is left to wander" - Jim Morrison
André Fernandes Apr 2016
To see a fraction
of the world:
so many different people
and all of them
have something to tell
a poem of their own,
and sometimes you just want
to stop it all
and go to them
and grab that poem
and read it

but poetry doesn’t work that way,
and so you wait
for the poem to unfold.
  Apr 2016 André Fernandes
When my daily visit  
Becomes 2 hours too long
When my guitar stands alone
I know it's time to play on
When I'm not here
The circuits don't cease
Everything in my world
Is poetry...
André Fernandes Apr 2016
Wouldn’t you rather
turn the winter
into summer

and make the rain stop,
and make the sun last?

The sun will last
as long as you keep
smiling towards its light.
a certain kind of happiness
André Fernandes Apr 2016
I just wanted to come
and wish you well.


Sometimes it just doesn’t happen,
the kiss I had for you.
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