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Drift into the far beyond where no one has treaded,
and witness the world unfold beyond labor.


Fly into the vast expanse where men have only dreamed to soar,
but were held back by the weights of life.


See the wonders that God has created in the mundane
and eccentric.


Feel the air pass through your skin,
and remember that you're alive and privileged to feel this sensation.


Embrace the environment and journey you're on,
because it's made for you and you alone.


Fight the obstacles set before you,
because God knew you have the power to overcome.


Breathe in the fresh air that you can get,
you'll suffocate if you refuse.


Love the people you meet, and will meet
because they needed someone like you and vice versa.


Praise the One that made you,
and delight in His presence until you unite with Him.


Hope for the better tomorrow,
and do all you can to make that better tomorrow a reality.


Create memories, projects, and relationships that
aren't limited to a lifetime but extend to eternity.


Walk knowing that your path will be rough,
but the journey won't end until you take a step.


Complete your journey with excellence,
and remember the experiences that brought you to the end.
Black, white, and fur all over.
That's what you were, George.
Generic street cat look, or what we Filipinos call,"Pusang Kalye".
Fattest cat, I've seen in person but probably the only reasons why I can like cats as an animal.
You came to our lives at a very interesting point in time.
You were the size of an overgrown puppy when we got you and you just turned 7 years old.
I thought it was interesting to have a fat cat live with us because I only imagined the amount of interest that would build into my family despite us never having a cat.
My sisters were scared of you out of trauma, but you know that wouldn't last forever.
I spent my entire afternoon with you the day you came to our home, and observed your mannerisms.
You like lying down on surfaces with odd textures because you like how it feels, and you love to hide in shadowy places because you were edgey I suppose?
Dunno, but that's what you were George. The fat cat in the shadows.
Time passed by, and my sisters started growing to you.
You eventually moved into my sisters' room, and you stayed there ever since.
To my sisters, you were the greatest things that happened to them.
Alyssa, the second oldest in our family, loved you as if you were her long lost boyfriend.
She'd brush your fur, bathe you when you hated it most, and she'd trim your nails.
Alyssa always looked out fo royu.
Sasha, the youngest in our family, would always pester you because she'd see you as a living stuffed toy.
Of course she did that as a joke, but I know that she really loved having you around otherwise she'd be stuck on her iPad the entire day just watching anime and K-drama.
Even our mom, who hates cats grew to love you.
She'd always stop by my sisters room just to pet you and let you walk around her legs.
Only cat owners and people who've seen cats enough would understand that cats walk around people's legs to let them know that,"I own you." It's a cat's way of saying,"I love you."
Sounds twisted, but it was one of the most genuine things a cat could do.
To me, you were one of the most deviant things in my world.
I've never imagined having a cat, and nor was I looking forward to having one.
I remember lying down on my bed frustrated.
Frustrated with insecurity in a time where I thought the whole world was filled with crap.
Every now and then, you visited my room.
You just kind of lied down on my bed and stared me.
Some times you'd meow to get my attention because you needed to use the restroom, but you were just there as if you were listening to the insecurities in my head.
One day, I came back from a giant youth conference that changed every part of my life.
I was just lying down, thinking about everything that I decided to change in my life.
Then all of a sudden, you lied down on my stomach as if it were your bed, and you just purred.
A cat purr is probably one of the most oddly comforting things in the world.
A cat's entire body vibrates and lets out a soft hum.
Receiving a cat purr is like receiving an affectionate hug from someone who's not close to you, but you know they're genuine.
I didn't move from my bed  because I didn't know what to do, and I wanted to observe but I knew that you loved me.
I wasn't very expressive in showing that I cared about you George, because I was focused on myself way too much.
Yet you were always there to meow at me and to lie down on me, even when I took long naps.
Until one day, you stopped being affectionate.
You stopped showing your love for me.
You just lied down on a bed as still as a statue.
You wouldn't react to anyone who pet you or tried to bug you.
You were frozen...
Mom took you to the vet, and who knew...
You were dying.
You were emotionless, because you were sad.
We didn't know how selfish we were by just watching you play statue.
How callous of us!
As days went by, anxiety built within my sisters.
Until February 22, 2017, you were gone.
Hearts were broken. Tears were shed.
But this thought always lingered the entire time you were there.
"Everything happens for a reason and whatever God allows is His will."
Here I am in a coffee shop on the same day, trying to grasp the concept of mourning.
If dealing with death is coffee, then mourning is black coffee.
It's the healthiest of the choices but its bitter.
It awakens you physically and emotionally.
Too much of it, is bad for a human being.
You're a cat, the second most loved pet in the world but a "hit and miss" pet for the general populace.
I'm just thankful that you were in our lives because if you weren't there, Alyssa wouldn't have learned responsibility.
You brought her stability.
Thanks for dealing with Sasha, because she needed to release her emotions as well every time she pestered you.
And thank you, for always bugging me when I'm alone.
I used to push people away for getting too close, but you taught me that it doesn't take much to show love.
Thank you, George.
The Fat Cat of the Silva-Afzelius household, the Cat of the Shadows, and Alyssa's Sweet Prince.
We are thankful for the joy of companionship that you left in our hearts.
Good night furry one.
This poem is dedicated to George, our family cat.
I found myself alone
On the edge of light
And darkness.
My body was torn
By radiance and shadow.
One half of me shone like
The far seeing sun.
The other side of me
Crawled in murk.
My fingers were radiant
But chilled in despair.
My eyes saw demons
But felt incandescence.
My smile carried happiness
With a hint of remorse.
My twin souls became a war
I could not end.
On the verge of my insanity,
You swallowed me whole
Which woke me up to reality
Where the two are one
Under the name of humanity.
I am a caterpillar
I do nothing but sleep and eat
Today I ate 65 leaves and took 7 naps.
I watched the sunset after all that and that was just the day
In the evening I repeated the cycle except I watched the sunrise then went back to sleep
I envy the adults, the butterflies, because everyday is an adventure for them
They don't sleep, eat, or watch the sunset to pass the time
They do more! They get out and fly with the birds and bes!
They spread the fragrance through out the fields of milk and honey.
I want to fly! I want to ascend!
May the cocoon come upon me and turn me into a beautiful butterfly!
I wanna grow up!

I am a butterfly.
I fly gracefully amongst the plains and
spread fragrance through out the fields of milk and honey.
I do this for five hours each day and spend the rest of my hours taking care of my family
I eat only when necessary and sleep only when I'm tired.
This is what not what I expected, I expected freedom and liberty
but all I got was responsibility and work.
When can I eat 65 leaves in one afternoon like the good old days?
When can I take 7 naps a day?
When can people look at me and say,"Aww that's a cute caterpillar."
What happened?
Why did I let the cocoon take me?
Take me back! I want to be young again!
Life is amazing, Life is marvelous
There are ups and downs in every corner
A surprise waiting in every door
A new adventure, a new experience
Dreams are made and broken on this unpredictable journey
Here's to life and its surprises!

Here's to the parents who love us so!
To our mothers who love us so much and brought us into this world
If you didn't endure the pain, if you didn't give us your care and attention we wouldn't be the people we are now.
To the fathers who told us to explore the world, try new things, and don't regret.
"The world is your oyster! Go out and adventure my child." he said
They loved us unconditionally and we'll never be able to pay them back for as long as I live
To the people who grew up without parents, fret not. You are stronger than most of us because you were raised up by God Himself, and no one could ever ask for a better Teacher.

Here's to our friends and our so called friends!
To the real friends that greet us with their warm smiles and support us in every endeavor
To the fake friends in my life who are like two sided coins with one side willing to shake our hands while the other side ready to find an oppurtunity to stab us with the dagger named "Destruction".
Thank you fake friends for teaching us not to trust everyone we meet because we wouldn't have made better decisions with you around
Hugs and kisses you two faced pigs!

Here's to the politicians that run this country
To the underdog nobles who have a burning desire to see this nation become great again!
Thank you for enduring all the criticism and salt that comes from us! We hope to see you in a higher position putting your ideals into action.
To the fat kings who are no better than the sloth.
Thanks for helping the country with your corruption and pyramid system. Your fake promises and your deceiving smiles just yell,"Work my slaves! Work! I said work!" When I think of these guys I think,"Boy, our taxes sure are in good hands. Who voted for these guys anyway?"

Here's to the saints and good Samaritans that have helped me
To the strangers that taught me that no one is entitled to anything
That we live in a shared world and there's no room for me, myself, and I
To the people close to me that support me and help me in my journey in life
There's a piece of you in every bit of me because of your heart to help others God bless you!

Here's to God above
For loving me before I entered this world,
For giving me the chance to be alive in this world,
For guiding me all my ways,
And for paying a debt that no one could ever pay,
Here's to life!
The release of death
Is brought by our last breath
On that day we remember our deeds
There were times full of glee
but there were moments where we'd bleed
Unfortunately works mean nothing in death's eye
For in his sight, we are all destined to die
Little flower, while you're still here
Do not stand by as death draws near
For death knows no bounds
No warning, no sound
Indiscriminately he hounds
The good and the bad
The joyful and sad
The lady and her lad
Just thinking of the lives makes me mad
Seek redemption little flower
Our lives die by the hour
Death seeks us for our sins
For our sins we were pursued ever since
but Jesus died to pay our debt
He paid the price and made us His kin
On that day, Death was no longer feared again
The chains Death held were no longer kept
Little flower, seek the Son
In Him, the battle is won
When death comes knocking at your door
Do not be afraid little flower
Your spirit is no longer poor
In Jesus, you have power
To overcome the sin that has made your soul sour
In Him, we have everlasting rest
For all He wants for us is the best
Because He is God, Death does cower
In His grace and love do we shower
Once we accept Him and meet Him at His tower
We are free from death, and into the Heavens little flower.
I have read so many wonderful poems,
haiku's, 10 words, so many more, and none are alike!
But we tend to forget about spoken word poems,
Hello Poetry, can you make it possible to share our spoken words as well as our massive pile on's of endless poetry. Spoken Words would add to the sight, and only make it better.
I wish I could also Use Hellopoetry on my mobile phone, in an app,
I'm not sure about anyone else, but that would maybe add to HP

Please consider what I've had to say, c:
Please send repost like and share and comment anything else you think the sight needs since it's growing in great ways. Please share and like if you agree c:
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