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Andlib Farid Mar 2019
Sympathy is shared
Love is spread
Happiness is doubled
Illness is subtracted
Laughter is added
Sorrow is divided
Care is multiplied
Helping hands are tripled
Smile is widened
Tears are wiped
Parties are thrown
With cousins:
Evenings are crazy
Nights are chirpy
Mornings are long
Afternoons are short
In joint family system
Andlib Farid Feb 2018
Sometimes we feel sad
Sometimes we feel glad

Sometimes our heart cries
Sometimes our eye drains

Sometimes we become silent
Sometimes our voice is violent

Sometimes we laugh aloud
Sometimes we smile about

Sometimes we prefer positivity
Sometimes we live in negativity

Sometimes alone we want to sit
Sometimes in crowd we want to fit

Sometimes we wish to fly
Sometimes we just stare  the sky

What is it?
Feelings drive us to nowhere
Feelings give us ride to everywhere..

What are you feeling now??
Can u express your feelings?
Andlib Farid Feb 2017
When i see a kid laughing
When i feel my heartbeat
When my room is in mess
i feel happy ness
When i find my lost wallet
When i see my thesis going
When i feel rosy freshness
i feel happy ness
When i hear plane's grrr
When i hear cat's purr
When i listen snake's hisss
i feel happy ness
Happiness is in the air
Happy ness is everywhere
No one can make you happy
Except you
I need to understand the meaning of happiness
Andlib Farid Feb 2017
Im lost
Lost in love
im blind
Blind in love
Im deaf
Deaf in love
Im dumb
Dumb in love
i hate you my love
Im hurt
Hurt in love
Im insane
Insane in love
Im tired
Tired in love
Im selfish
Selfish in love
**i hate you my love
Andlib Farid Jan 2017
It was the best day ever when I came to
K know a nice gentleman
A and now I want him to
S stay in my life forever
H helping me to walk beside him
I in every step and become my
F fast friend forever
Husband's love
Andlib Farid Jan 2017
I see you in the smoke of a hot tea
I see you in the fog on a cold day
I see you in the rainbow after rain
I see you in traffic on a busy road
I see you in a silent library
I see you in a  fish market
I see you in a lonely forest
I see you in the world of ocean
I see you in a tear trickling down
I see you in a happy laughter
I see you everywhere
#we see our love everywhere
Andlib Farid Jan 2017
old home
old room
old washroom
old friends
old books
old class
old school
old college
old shoes
old slippers
old dresses
old stationery
old shop
old chocolates
old biscuits
old lays
old kids
old gardens
old road
old city
old country
old January the  1st
old old old
what is new??
*still you will say 2017 is new year
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