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Ananye Krishna Apr 2018
Stop turning back to the void,
the void disguised by the crystal display.
The fact of it being unrequited has been known.
This is what I am told.

And this is what I have known,
And yes, the fault has been my own.
Still, I have got something to say.
Just don’t be hurt, by these words

Sorry, but can’t be empathetic this time.
Your life is your choice, never disputed this, did I?
But for once, just once;
can’t you drop these insecurities yours?

Why are you scared?
What holds you back?
Don’t consider it to be a liability.
Please, stop running away!

Will confess that,
surety and confidence evade me too.
The future seems pretty bleak,
but tired I am of running away.

Realise that life is small,
can’t keep hiding behind the excuse of a dilemma.
Take a step and be ready for the fall.
But please, take a step.
Ananye Krishna Dec 2017
Oh my delicate twig, be careful, blown away you might be!
Be careful as you sway amidst branches adorned with thorns, torn you might be!
Oh sweet one, don’t take my words of caution as an attempt to shackle.
Just words they are, born out of concern, concern for you my love.
And yes do forgive my perception of you, perception of being weak.
It’s just the way this world is, the strongest are broken by the winds of malice.
Anyway, now I will stay afar and never be the one to hold you back.
But never will I be too far. Always ready, to shelter you under my expanse foliated.
Ananye Krishna Dec 2017
The line differentiating has gotten blurred.
Don’t know when I mean it and when i don’t.
Changes creep in, creating possibilities new.

Inclined to believe that the choice first was correct,
but then come words tumbling down,
changing the itinerary whole.

Such a tricky game it seems to be,
so neutral the stance prima facie,
seen never a poker face better.

Intervention to clear things up,
seems to be an idea disastrous.
Although the fear, might just be home made.

It is hard to be sure,
don’t know what steps to take.
There is a need to be face to face, sans masquerade.
Ananye Krishna Dec 2017
That’s the thing about a mystery,
it should stay that way.
To uncover just blows away the magic.
Disappointment takes control,
expectations let us down.
It’s like the light at the end of the tunnel,
moving towards it is pure joy,
but there is a fear, fear that the end is not as bright as it seems.
There is the pain of being in the dark,
but there also is the bliss of ignorance.
At times there is this impatience, to be there,
to uncover that which has been hidden so long.
But the fear shackles you,
that lose you will, even the happiness imaginary.
Ananye Krishna Oct 2017
And the void just got emphasized.
The compatibility downsized.
The whole world, in between was found.
Unlike Earth, theirs wasn't proven to be round.
The ends didn't meet.
And the ending wasn't sweet.
  Oct 2017 Ananye Krishna
Liam Hunter
Your eyes
Are the most gorgeous shade
Of home,

Complemented perfectly
A smile the colour of love.
Ananye Krishna Oct 2017
That exchange of words fills a void.
A void of which one realises when contact happens.
Without those vibrations and pings a sense of being incomplete takes over.
The mind is engaged in attempts to prolong those moments, to stay away from silence.
It’s difficult to explain how elated one feels just by a presence virtual.
The exhilaration is not lost irrespective of discussions mundane.
Time and again there is a feeling evanescent, how beautiful it would be if together we were ever forever.
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