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Anam Asif Nov 2017
I feel the wind ,
A shield to my body.
They remind me of my desires ,
And to myself who I am.
I see the green trees ,
They remind me how beautiful this world is.
And now I lay my head down as I watch the street ,
The sun rays’ lightens my scars ,
As if telling me not to hide them all ,
From this unpleasant and hypocritical world.
They say I’m a nature lover ,
Ever thought , why?
This exterior beauty is way better than what’s inside.
Why think about negatives when you have positives around?
Anam Asif Nov 2017
I miss her,
Yes, I do.
The one who told me what is right,
The one I asked not to interfere.
Yes,she was with me,
Right beside me.
I never felt her presence,
But she was.
And one day, memories stayed,
She left.
Never a good-bye ,
To me her absence was the biggest lie.
Everyone knew ,
Each one of them.
Merely they thought I would understand.
But I did ,
Yes , I did.
That she would never return.
Her heart certainly said too much,
For I was blindfolded.
Perhaps wanted me not to cry,
I told my heart,
It never obeyed.
Tears wet my face,
I never stopped.
Maybe wanted a good-bye,
I should’ve held her hand ,
Her freezing cold hand on mine.
And told her to stay,
Right beside me,
Like all those passed days.
Her eyes closed,
Not an expression,
And so did I understand ,
It was the end of her journey.
Anam Asif Oct 2017
Stop your starving ,
Look at them.
Those who are homeless ,
Those without sheds.
Stop crying over things you haven't seen ,
They pray to an Omnipotent ,
For things they'll ever need.
Stop being an oaf ,
With those sheepless minds.
Never have they cursed ,
Are they so kind?
Babes give up life ,
How incomplete is the mother's diet?
Her bones and age so exposed ,
Empty without the feeding milk are her *******.
How helpless are they?
Their screams unheard.
Day another they starve ,
Till the unpredicted end ,
Will the fortune ever favor them?
Stop your starving ,
Look at them.
Anam Asif Oct 2017
I want to be a poet,
Those words waving like in the ocean.
I’m unlike my sister,
We’re not entwined.
But passion comes later they say,
False is it, if I have it now?
Me wanting to write,
Is not just of my hobby,
But something I’d carry out my life.
Wanting to tell it to everyone,
I’m alike.
I want to be someone on my own,
Not just a body on a soul.
My voice trapped beneath,
Millions must’ve died,
By letting out their screams.
Abandoned our forethoughts,
Out of draconian fear we we,
Our voices remain underneath.
Anam Asif Oct 2017
Problems? They'll end ,
Trust me , they will.
You don't need to give up ,
Or run around for help .
Remember you're not hapless ,
Kenned to be called as misfortune.
You're kind of an eerie,
'You' , nowhere in the history .
Call yourself a bravado ,
So will their ***** fade .
Dash off 'em sham problems ,
Chasing your immortal dreams.
Anam Asif Oct 2017
It's all in the destiny ,
I call it to myself .
'I need to be alone ',
Is what I remind my mind. 'You need someone ',
They advised me.
I said it's a fake world ,
With fake people around.
Watch me acquire my unkempt desire,
Heading up for the horizon?
Believe me , this time I won't.
No I'm not going through the same thing ,
The same pain , the same failure .
And if I've to go through it somehow,
Remember I can always back off.
Anam Asif Oct 2017
A sarcasm in their words ,
Said, I can do it .
Their mocking faces revealed ,
How characterless I am.
How I fetched myself upto here ,
Is just a lively joke .
Pursue want I want ,
Is just an imagery dream .
Ask me what I want ,
And I’ll tell you.
Please don’t shut me down ,
When I need you .
Self-esteem is not just I want ,
I need someone to walk me through the path.
And if it’s not just this ,
I’ll quit.
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