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Anam Asif Apr 2018
This strange feeling we have,
Since we stepped here.
Pure are the whites,
With flaws are born , the blacks.
Brought up in the Indian culture,
That tea had the inferiority complex,
Fooled were we that a cup of tea would make us dark.
Glad were we to be not among them,
Sure we did avoid the tea.
Now that we think,
Why is color an identity?
We shall not forget,
All of us disfigured it.
I seek it,
For I am not white.
Can't call me black either,
I'm not discerned as you want.
To those beautiful people,
By all means, I call to you.
Don't conceal nor fear it,
So are you extraordinary.
Lock up your woes, flaunt all your shades.
And when they provide contrast to it,
I'd be ashamed of their deeds.
I lay my head down once again,
As I hear those people,
Pray that their color changed.
Trust me, I feel the pain.
I ask myself over again,
Will we ever end this cruel game?
Anam Asif Feb 2018
Let’s count against them ,
Let’s be someone they’ve never known.
Wipe your tears , ladies ,
Lace up your boots ,
Show them you’re strong ,
You’re now a pussyfoot.
Rapists , we are a wall ,
Break us apart ,
We’ll show you how wild we are.
Touch an inch of us ,
And move closer ,
We’ll show you the real hush.
Recognize their efforts ,
Pull out these scums of the earth ,
Their bodies shall quiver with fear.
Resolute are we ,
How strong we grow ,
That weak you shall be.
Anam Asif Jan 2018
Darkest memories ,
Beneath the deepest conversations.
Believe me ,
I will never be yours.
A million heartbreaks ,
A soul torn apart.
Forget and forgive ,
To all my flaws I’ve never known.
These words on my gravestone shall be written ,
‘A spirit you never ken to understand ,
But to always let it down’.
Anam Asif Jan 2018
As I step into this dark enormous world ,
Faces ignorant, the busiest they become.
Too blind to look up ,
Say, ‘Bonjour, good day!’
Alright, they really were busy ,
Laughs and their deep talks revealed it enough.
Never mattered for who I was ,
For their friends were they.
What changed if I were dysfunctional?
Would they turn up ,
Say, ‘It’s going to be alright’?
For now I stand in this crowd ,
Pretending a part of this contemporary world.
Truth doesn’t fake longer ,
To say who I really am.
I cross this road alone ,
Boarding the bus where I shall return.
Anam Asif Jan 2018
No sooner I came into this world ,
Elated was the doctor's face when he said it was a girl.
Just when my mom took me in her arms ,
My dad's face glimmered up like a lamp.
Faces of the society turned down ,
Unhappy looked their faces with a frown.
Raised me up and educated me ,
My parents almost gave me the life key.
Until I got married when I didn't want to ,
Everything in my life turned blue.
Soon as I was known as a mother ,
Built responsibilities even more further.
As I saw my children grow up with a pace ,
Even more satisfied looked my face.
Died with a guilt in heart ,
Like my life missed a very big part.
Anam Asif Nov 2017
I pray for an everlasting friendship,
Without tears and heartbreaks.
Fake friends are all I saw,
Have ever left me with tears.
A truth hidden deep inside,
'Whoever comes,leaves',
Is what I truly believe now.
Promises they made,
To forever stay down the lane,
But when asked,
Replied their innocent faces,
'Promises are made to break.'
I thought to myself,
'Why are they even made?'
The 'promise' thing I let go.
And if they come back again,
To tear up my heart,
I'd forgive,
But I shall never trust them again.
Anam Asif Nov 2017
A circle has now swallowed me,
In its darkness and misfortunes.
I struggle,
Try coming out,
Yet I remain there.
Not living with the same destiny anymore,
Time changes,
So have I.
The circle around,
Is within me,
But nobody else.
Creating a shadow of misfortunes,
It disappoints me each time I see it around.
Without guidance I walk,
For sure I am,
I'd be guided,
Inside the circle by the demons.
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