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May 12 · 243
k May 12
not sick, but not well
physically capable
yet feeling so drained
May 10 · 172
k May 10
I am certain that you don’t
And quite possibly never did
But if I ask you if you ever loved me
Even just for a day
Please tell me a comforting lie
May 10 · 426
Hey Moon
k May 10
Hey Moon, I love you
When you light up the clear sky
Sun, don’t come out yet
I just love the moon
May 8 · 388
Writer’s Block
k May 8
Without knowing what else to do
What else to write
I sit and glare at a book only half finished
I look for help
Nothing seems to help my writer’s block
Getting rid of a character might do the trick

The protagonist?
Or maybe not
I don’t know

I’m just tired of writing this autobiography
May 8 · 323
Impossible Year
k May 8
To taste the sounds
To turn back time
To read in complete darkness
To travel faster than light
All would have to be possible
For me to forgive

— The End —