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Ana Jul 30
I crave a life that feeds my soul.
I crave abundance in all that is good.
I crave knowledge.
I crave to learn from my past, pain and traumas.
I crave intimacy, connection, emotion, and compassion.
I crave a love that holds no space for uncertainty and panic.
I crave growth, spirituality, freedom and peace.
I crave and I pray for it all.
I crave all this for you too.
Ana Jul 21
Be selfish,
selflessly selfish.
Be selfish for others.
Remember that you too need water.
So, please tend to yourself.
This is how you water those around you,
this is how you love those around you,
this is how you connect to those around you.
Water your garden, so that you blossom for others.
Ana Jul 20
Picture this;
A love so rare,
so raw,
at times flawed but magnificent.
One that inspires
and catches you off guard.
A love that creates wonder
and curiosity
Now picture this;
all this love,
is you.
Ana Jul 19
Where calmness and chaos coexist.
This is when you know.

It is foreign and far too familiar.
You feel whole,

Your mind, silent.
Your heart, deafening.
With one touch,
you are welcomed home.
Ana Jul 19
Unconditional, brutal love.
Compassionate love.
Other worldly love.
A loyal love,
to a fault.
That understanding love.
That funny love.
That uncomfortably comfortable love.
That’s my love.

— The End —