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Ana Jun 2020
Light filtering through the room,
A slight disturbance,
A common enemy,
Phosphenes dancing as you awaken,
The weight of your eyelids lifting,
Unveiling your surroundings,
An announcement of your existence,
Your choice to restart the world,
To have another look,
Just in case.
It’s a mixture of curiosity, maybe a little hope,
And possibly a bit of fear.
But that moment you open your eyes,
Each morning after your dreams,
The moment your darkness disappears,
To be captivated by light,
Is the moment you decide to give the world another chance.

The moment you decide to give the world another chance...
Ana Jun 2020
I have a tendency to romanticise,
A habit of hoping.
Jumping to conclusions in my mind,
Maybe it's a way of coping.

It's caused a few issues,
Assumptions tend to do so.
But my mind won't give up that easily,
It sure doesn’t like hearing, 'no.'

So I may as well embrace it,
After all, what's so bad about hope?
Maybe that’s what we all need,
Maybe that’s a good way to cope.

I'm not sure how I feel about this one. I like the first stanza or so, but it went a different way than I was expecting. Let me know what you think!
Ana Jun 2020
Reused and recycled,
I gave my heart to you.

Scratched and scarred,
Oh, if you only knew,

Stumbling in the dark,
Without a clue.

Cold and empty,
So frozen it's blue.

It doesn’t belong anymore,
So I gave it to you.

Reused and recycled,
Maybe you can make it something new.

-It doesn't belong in me anymore. Can you fix it?
Ana Jun 2020
It wasn’t easy,
The stars know it wasn’t **** easy.
Loving you, being with you,
It was different.
Sometimes it was like early flowers in late winter,
Sometimes it was like buds that just won't bloom.

It was like how the sun must feel,
When the clouds start to pour.
A little confused,
A little hurt,
Maybe a little angry.
But that doesn’t stop her from loving the sky,
Her foundation,
Her home.

Even when the clouds poured down on us,
I was still there.
Front row at every show,
First through the door of every party.

Somehow it just worked,
Like mismatched stars forming stunning constellations,
A little strange,
A little uncertain,
Maybe a little unconventional,
But it was real.

I wrote this one as a submission to Maisie Peters bookclub's writing contest on Instagram. It had the theme of 'Unconventional Love,' and I really wanted to enter, so out came this.
I hope you enjoy and please leave feedback and advice! It is greatly appreciated!!!
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— The End —