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Amy Perry Nov 2013
Without a blue jay
Life is so very nay.
Without a brother like you
Dreams are bitter too.
Without the funniest guy I know,
I wouldn't laugh and glow.
Without my very best friend,
I would have never spent childhood
playing pretend.
Without a sibling to annoy me
to the bone,
Well, perhaps we'll leave that alone.

With a brother to call my own,
I'll never be alone.
Asked my brother what he wanted for his birthday and he said a poem. What an amazing brother :)
Amy Perry Jul 2015
24/7 I've got you on my mind.
Measuring Life by memories, not by time.
With you, it's just energy combined.
What happens next, anyone's guess, for us, it's fine.

When you're away, I'm aware, something's bare,
The music of bliss missing from the air.
Discussions on Systems so one-sided from my mind,
Need your sly senses and thoughts divine.

I need your laugh and your humor is medicine.
Our accents, excessive, we do it again.
Feel freer than when I'm with my own **** friend.
'Cause together, it's easy, no need to pretend.

24/7 I've got you on my mind,
Still glowing from the last, blissful time,
We got together, always divine,
What happens next, anyone's guess, for us, it's fine.

We thrive in sunshine, amongst our roots
Of Natural land without man-made roofs,
We wash our Spirits clean in sweat-soaked boots.
Only to get ***** again in our bedrooms.

When you're there, not a care, worries rare,
Everything is perfect that we've shared.
Your kindness, you care, the way we pair,
My thoughts of you, lovely, here or there.

24/7 I've got you on my mind,
These words, another way to remind
That in you, I find a one-of-a-kind,
What happens next, anyone's guess, for us, it's fine.
Duet with my homeboy :)
Amy Perry Jul 2014
I'm so happy,
I could dance on the moon
To an a cappella symphony.
The shine in my face
Could give starlight
To a galaxy in billions of years,
And that will be my memory.
I'm so happy,
Mona Lisa will grin in return.
Gargoyles in Gothic cathedrals
Will cease their snarling stares.
I'm so happy,
And you are in the background.
I can dance to a cappella,
But not to the white noise
You emit.
I personally like this one very much. Will be interesting to see what readers think.
Amy Perry Aug 2015
Did you know it would be so fast for me to love you?
Not fall in love, because there's no rush,
But the lush crushing that I trust,
That tells my gut,
As a complete Human,
You are more than enough?

Yes, when I see you
Bopping along to our favorite songs,
Biking Mission Bay,
Reveling the day,
No tracking of time to relay
Which direction we shall sway...

I know You are showing I,
Who You are Inside,
We are like reflections in our eyes -
I see I in You, and You in I,
It almost makes me feel most alive.
We're Spirituals, undeprived.

Everything you say is Poetry & Comedy,
You bring roaring laughs out of me,
And giggly coos, such feelings you ruse,
Admiration, Respect, Joy, Entertainment ensues.

You may think it rash,
Or rather uncouth
For me to say that
"I love you";
Take it from me,
Before I plant the seeds,
I challenged it too -
But simple love for all that is You -
I could not refute.

And so, I told myself first,
And now I tell you...

I love you.
July 18, 2015
Just to clear the air.
From one lovely individual to another.
Amy Perry Oct 2013
Lights light up,
Keeps me from reading.
Patience is abrupt,
I send a friend a greeting.
Spending time with loved ones,
But what are strangers doing?
As soon as work is done,
I check what I am missing.
The minute I awaken
I reach for my device.
Even after love making,
By my addiction, I'm enticed.
Here we go, pull out my phone.
Another day, another waste.
My attention and concentration are gone.
Replaced by a high I must chase.
The irony that I'm typing this on my phone right now does not escape me.
Amy Perry Feb 2014
Captured and kicking,
I'm back at the clinic.
Due to spins and spills,
I must swallow these pills.
A kaleidoscope in my mind
Swirling, no concept of time.
False beliefs held with pure conviction.
Afraid of the world, of loved ones, suspicion.
To others, appearing a mess.
Feeling like I am the best.
Happiest times of my life.
Happiness comes with a price.
Amy Perry Sep 2013
Your father's making you eat your peas,
How about we keep the peace?
Slip me your plate, I'll eat
Your peas because they are a treat!
Seriously, how can anyone not like peas?
Amy Perry Jul 2014
I think I'll be fine.
You have your reasons,
And I have mine.
We've come to agreement,
We are civilized,
Empathetic, and decent.
Intoxicated confessment,
You feel a strong
Emotional connection.
Words so sweet,
You reserve for when
I'm in the midst of sleep.
At least I know
Our feelings are understood.
Together, we can't grow.
We couldn't bind, but our emotions could.
Amy Perry Jan 2014
There are people of all sorts
At the airport.
How many of them cry
Telling loved ones goodbye?
How many are delighted
To be reunited?
How many miss their home
As they travel down this road?
How many are surprised
To see their guest with their eyes?
How many count the hours,
Until their feelings turn sour?
How many fear the soar,
Listening to the engine roar?
All this energy collects,
Where will it go next?
The people fly all over the world
Bringing with them this energy swirl.
Amy Perry Sep 2013
She finds her glee
Through starlight and moonbeams
At night.
Through bees and trees that sway
By day.
Through the ocean and sandy feet
Where the water and the earth meet
And greet
Mountains and hilly terrain.
Green plains.
Marry me
To this earth
Harbor it
In my heart
For all eternity.
And preserve
Its versatility.
Amy Perry Jun 2018
When you love life itself,
The very act of sitting passively
Contains feelings of contentment.
Harbor love by abstaining from harm.
Refuse to defuse pain.
Leave pleasure as a passive gain.
Rejoice that you can remark,
"I have lived";
That is a truth
The mystery of Consciousness gives.
When the blood and the lungs
Pump and respire
With a warmth in your heart
That sings like a choir -
When the silent moment is sweet,
Light and complete,
How much more can you be,
How much more can you seek?
You are already Love
Every moment you breathe.
You are Love on a journey
To manifest dreams.
You are already a dream
Within a dream.
Now experience fully
However your story proceeds.
abp -o2/20/17
Amy Perry Aug 2018
Have I left you all dry,
With a throat I’ve supplied
With the words of a poet
Who slips a poem inside.
Receiving your mail,
You handsome, dark male,
You sat in a chair
With woozy head as you stare.
Painting her body, prepared,
For you to meet her and share.
The words of her letter,
Forms the pierce of her stare,
Her full body in view,
She arches her back up for you.
Pulls up her long, cascading hair.
Moves to her rhythm,
You watch her, ensnared.
With her own ink she’s shared,
Dancing for you with words placed with care.
Your body feels weak, your head feels so light,
The pumping of blood supplies you with
Your want for the night.
You stare at her words, in the shape of her curves,
Her lips parting in pleasure, her eyes shooting arrows,
You study every seductive trace of a dot,
Coming to life in every detail she’s got,
She’s sent herself to you, you can smell her perfume,
Sprawled out on your page, she beckons to you.
Amy Perry Mar 2014
Have you ever thought about
Or even taken the time
To look behind the wonder of
The innocence in the child?

Children must place every ounce of strength
In those who choose to raise them.
They cannot choose where they are born
Or which parents choose to make them.

As they are the sweetest gift
Given in and out of love.
The key that opens the empty heart -
Angels from above.
Collaboration with the wonderful Mike Hauser.
Amy Perry Jan 2014
Roof over our head, smile on our lips.
Rings on our fingers, baby in the stroller.
You and I work the 9 to 5 shift,
Before heading to bed, lights out with a kiss.
A perfect life: Except I'm bipolar.

The day to day is more than bearable.
Little fights, taking little to heart.
Then I snap, and it all gets terrible.
Singing dramatically, dancing on the table.
That's when the fun part starts.

What triggers it is anyone's call.
It could be a traumatic event,
Or it could be for no reason at all,
Other than neurotransmitters not being sent;
Sending my mind into a place I'm enthralled.

I'm sent to a building that makes me feel well,
After bringing your patience to the brink.
It's a necessary evil, but at the time, it's Hell;
And when it will happen again, no one can tell.
I'm sent home with pills and time to think.

Roof over our head, smile on our lips.
Rings on our fingers, baby in the stroller.
You and I work the 9 to 5 shift,
Before heading to bed, lights off with a kiss.
A perfect life: Except I'm bipolar.
And the cycle continues.
Amy Perry Sep 4
I wanted to be a painting,
A goddess.
I wanted to be all Aphrodite,
Body and curves.
I didn’t want Athena’s leadership,
I wanted the power of seduction.
I wanted to be a muse,
Amused by the spellbound stares.
I wanted to be a mare,
Bred into beauty and totality and grace.
I wanted to be nothing less than art.
So the gods blessed me with such
Voluptuous hips and curves.
But I do not want to look like
Renaissance art,
I want to be a contemporary model.
Thin and toned with golden glow.
So now the gods shake their heads
And wonder why they put so much hope,
So much effort, so much and so little
Into me.
Amy Perry Aug 2016
Articulate, immaculate;
I see the contours of her eyelids flick.
I know her, soft and delicate.
Defends her ground with solid stick.

Ridiculous, but accurate;
Confident release of comedic grit.
Expressions lively, capture it,
Before next thought comes in to sit.

Intuitive, abstract addict;
Engaging, fantastic conversation.
Awaiting beautiful emphatic,
For mesmerizing contemplation.

Artistic is just half of it.
She contains ceaseless happy mystery.
I'm always taken aback by it,
How she shifts like stars and sways like tree.

An activist peace advocate.
Sharing dreams with me of a world to be.
Her poetry impacted it.
A passive beauty all could see.

Her peacefulness is accurate.
Pure as pink lotus, for roses do *****.
Pain in this world, doesn't add to it.
Beautiful through gloom, she, my pick.
Amy Perry Jun 23
Once you fall in love with
An artist, an empath,
A writer, a musician,
A feeler, a healer,
A giver, a lover,
There is no going back
To an ordinary life.
Amy Perry Oct 2013
A poem can't fail
Writing can't end.
There's always more to tell,
There's writing to amend.
The only poem I think
That can actually sink
Is the one left unfurled.
Unreleased to the world.
Don't leave those thoughts
In your artist's mind.
Such a shame it should rot
When you have the time.
You have a story to be told.
Let the barriers of your mind unfold.
Amy Perry Feb 2014
She isn't particularly bright
In a standardized test sense,
But she shines like helium-hydrogen
To him without pretense.

Her humor needs some work
To give him belly aches.
At least she takes the fall
When he laughs at her mistakes.

She isn't very clean,
Very orderly, very neat.
Without her, he'd be disheveled.
She makes their home complete.

She's very kind, a lovely heart
To those that she will meet.
She feels she can still do better
To those cast on the street.

She is her toughest critic,
Much harsher than the rest.
Not a thing he wouldn't change,
He knows she tries her best.
I don't particularly like or believe all of this.
Amy Perry Jul 2014
What does it take
To have a joyful cheer?
What is it at stake
To smile; that's unclear.
When our gaze meets,
And a smile, it is spread,
And I announce myself a greet,
It is unreturned instead.
For this reason, I am unsold,
I need your reasons why.
A smile unreturned is cold.
Don't say I didn't try.
Amy Perry Oct 2013
If you've never been
Completely delusional
The world doesn't
Sadden you enough.

If you're too saddened
By the world
You might not be
Thankful enough.

If you're not
Thankful enough,
You might not have
Enough to be thankful for.

If you have enough
To be thankful for,
You should feel blessed.

If you don't feel blessed,
Take a moment to
See the good in the world.

If you don't see
The good in the world,
You just might go
Completely delusional.
Quick write. Might build off of or use the same idea.
Amy Perry Nov 2013
I'm tricking my heart
When I turn away from you.
Either my conscience
Or my heart
Will hurt.
I know what
I must choose.

But never before
Have I had to deceive
That ***** that I need to live.
Amy Perry Jun 2014
We are a deeply entwined vine
Growing ever more far apart,
But still attached at the roots.
He has rooted himself in myself,
And has become a part of me.
I dissected worms in high school,
But I don't feel qualified
To dissect our conjointment.
He has asked me to hand him the scalpel,
And I have become too accustomed
To his requests to decline.
We stare at each other,
Both of us too timid to cut the ties,
And go to bed side by side
With scalpels in hand.
Amy Perry Jun 26
You are the most beautiful,
Exquisite, exotic flower
To ever grow between
Overlooked sidewalk cement
And I adore you.

I wonder when the rest will see.
Amy Perry Aug 2013
Positivity is key
To a happy life
Even birds realize
They have to fly
Do they feel fear
When they take wing?
Or do they rejoice
And flutter and sing?
Amy Perry Oct 2015
The sultry subtlety of bird-song;
The beating of Nature's gong;
The ambiance of nothing-gone-wrong. . .
Peace does exist where
birds belong.
Amy Perry Jun 21
Nothing worth reporting besides the usual
Importance of ignoring negligent thoughts
That seek to destroy me,
Harboring inside me,
A caged bird with a broken wing.
Hope calls out in many ways,
Still your surroundings to hear its bays.
Quiet. Listen.
It’s seeking you in earnest,
Its mysterious hands fiddling with
The lock of your entrapment.
Soon, you will have the strength
To pursue all of your dreams.
But right now, you’re too consumed
By the hopelessness of your confinement.
The bars disappear when you look at them
A certain way. Illusory, these posts, these chains.
Break free, some sympathy may come your way,
And unleash you, teach you how to fly with your handicaps.
Don’t look back, once you’re released -
Fly over the valleys and the rivers, wherever you please.
Fly brave, fly free.
Continue to seek
All that seems out of your reach.
Bathe in the waterfalls of your fortune.
It’s yours, after all.
You have this as your guiding motion.
Snap back to your present situation.
You see the cage, you feel your stuntedness,
Your loss from grace,
From freedom, the chase,
You so earnestly thought you’d finally taste.
One day, it’s yours.
Just hold on to hope, on to your scope,
The sights and the breeze under your wings,
It’s all yours, always has been, always will,
And still, I know it stings.
Listen to the way the ocean sings,
Once you make it there, I know you will,
But for now, let the ink spill and spell
Your own misfortune, your own destruction,
Slowly deteriorating any sense of fruition.
I know you want to give up on these ghosts,
But they are yours to catch with a gilded net,
So let them go, if you choose, but remember
You’ll have to live with regret that you never pursued
Beyond the bars that immobilize you, like roots.
You were meant to travel and traverse,
The universe will push you towards your path.
Do not listen to those who jeer and laugh.
You know your purpose. Listen, it’s there.
What your inner voice guides is your truth to bear.
Amy Perry Feb 2014
Pillars of salt
Stretched across
A navy blanket
Makes me start
To smile and reflect
On how just yesterday
I would feel alone
And without friends.
Then one day,
Out of nowhere
Appeared your boring avatar,
Revealing a world
Of limitless humor,
Wisdom, and fun,
And however silly this is,
When I look at that
Blanket of sand,
And catch myself smiling,
In your far away land,
I'll hope you're
Thinking of me.
For my friend.
Amy Perry Mar 2014
The blank page,
Like the open road
Brings forth feelings
Of new beginnings.
Take those first few steps,
Wobbly, they may be,
You will find yourself
In the throes of possibility.
What may you find?
In your mind?
Or in the city?
The only way to find out,
Is to take that journey,
Amy Perry Aug 7
Bodies have a language of their own,
And yours speaks in tongues,
The way you keep me close,
Sharing in worship,
Warding off negative spirits
With a hypnotic kiss.
We bring the wicked sprites
And interdimensional entities
Out to a playground feast
When we intertwine, at least,
That’s what I imagine, in ecstasy,
And yet, they have no power over us,
Because of the clever way we are ******
Into these upper worlds that surround,
Cradling me, craving me, faint, mewing sounds -
This is the world that fate would have found.
Amy Perry Oct 2015
Tell them, "Don't box me in.
You think you know my four corners- but when
Have I even begun to let you in?
Describe my every crevice and shadow; can you even begin?
Every season, I cultivate a new garden. I find a way to bloom again.
Don't think you've known where I've been.
Before you came, who's been housed from within.
The future is still a mystery to us both, my friend.
Don't think you can box me in."

"Much like these hard walls, is my skin.
More layers uncovered within.
And past my hard surface, if I let you in,
There is fluffy softness gifted with the intent
To keep you cozy and warm to the brim;
But at first, it serves,
If I can let you in.
With this total comparison to a house, even,
Don't box me in."
for Judith.
Amy Perry Jun 17
It’s not enough to love you,
I want to inhale you,
Breathe you,
Feel you between
The chambers of my heart,
Your sweet oxygen
Into totalizing
Bodies and blood,
Spirit confounded,
Into this unitary union.
Fruition found
My bones, bounded
To this body and earth,
Rhythmically versed,
Your gentle breathing,
Keep him with me
By becoming in tune
With spirit, body,
I swoon.
Amy Perry Jun 27
Caressing the void
With honeyed fingertips
So that when it
Swallows me whole
It does so gently.
Amy Perry Jul 1
I don’t want to start this poem out with uncertainty,
But it’s instinctive, you see, and I’m not sure why I’m here.
You ever feel like that?
Returning to the same places, the same people,
Half of them passively accepted, not chosen.
That’s what I feel sometimes when I traverse across a page
With a cursor and impulsive fingers racing across the keyboard.
I’m just a traveler and yeah, I guess there’s glimpses of destinations,
But I don’t have a map.
All I have are my past footsteps.
Collecting pages in the breeze, greedily grasping.
Yeah, there’s no getting off this ship.
This is a place I must return to,
Like a mother’s grave.
I tread lightly, with dignity, knowing there’s purpose
In me arriving and visiting, but sometimes not finding the words to say,
And my throat dries up like a bird’s nest.
At least my fingers are active, they dance.
I come to visit this sacred place, so that when I do visit
The inevitable gravesite with daisies in hand,
I can leave a piece of me that’s a little more permanent,
A little more solidified, love in a glass bottle.
I might not get off this ship, I might very well be stuck in that bottle.
A treasure tossed in the rolling ocean,
Lost in a sea of oblivion.
The waves continue on in their cosmic, rhythmic dance,
Until they, too, forget their purpose.
Until that day, they dance.
Like the planets in their certain spirals.
The world will dance, meaningless, absurd,
Dance how you see fit.
Amy Perry Jul 2014
On a family vacation
To the mountains of Tennessee,
We were on a hike,
And my Mother said to me,
She had grasped a tiny twig,
To break her from her fall.
She laughed at the irony.
"That isn't much help at all."
Right now, I feel like she did.
This scenario is foretold.
If I fall, I'm falling hard -
And there's no sturdy branch to hold.
Amy Perry Sep 2013
Jubilance manifests
In many places;
Butterflies, trees,
And children's faces.
A child, to me
Is something I won't possess.
But surrounding myself with children
Can bring me joy without the stress.
But maybe someday
My feelings won't remain stagnant.
I'll want a child's artwork
On the fridge with a magnet.
Amy Perry Aug 2013
Fingers delicately trace
The bounded bounty
Of paper and ink
That lie before me
In neatly organized
Carefully alphabetized.
Without knowledge of genre,
I walk the aisles
Waiting for inspiration.
A spark of interest.
Choosing a book
Is half the fun
And walking home
Choice in arms
Already wondering
What my next choice
Will be.
Recognizing the fun and excitement of picking out a book.
Amy Perry Jul 2014
How do we divide up
The Christmas ornaments?
When they are all
Celebrating our marriage?
When they are all
"The start of our yearly
Ornament collection,"
We thought would fill
An entire tree one year,
Years from now,
When our love would only grow.
How do we divide up
The Christmas ornaments?
When they are all
Symbols of unity?
When they are all
Carefully chosen,
Unlike our love,
Which was blind
And taken with no other consideration.
How do we divide up
The Christmas ornaments?
Who is supposed to hold onto
These memories?
Who is supposed to dispose of them
When their memories are irrelevant?
And when the small collection
Becomes too cumbersome to hold onto?
How do we divide up
The Christmas ornaments?
Amy Perry Feb 2014
Here's wishing you a brighter blue
In hopes it brightens your tomorrows,
With a little less angry red
Which only brings about more sorrow.

White to keep you pure,
In your heart and in your thoughts.
Your Royal purple keeping you noble,
Regardless of the jewels you bought.

Green with envy, don't you see
You are everything you're meant to be.
Someday you'll be grey and wise
And live at last without chastise.

Leaving yellow in your fearful wake.
On life's battlefield mistakes are made,
While pink brings about a calming peace.
What colors can be drawn from these?
Collaboration with Mike Hauser
Amy Perry Jul 2017
I was raised by a mentally ill father.
Because there is comfort in numbers,
I, too, was afflicted by a similar disorder.
It’s difficult to separate the person from the sickness,
Sometimes impossible.
Sometimes we become the shadowy monster,
Embrace it with wilted roses,
Knowing too well that of everything else,
The disorder will still be there,
My shadow has been dormant.
My father’s is still active,
Sometimes when we meet it’s like a perfect storm,
A tornado of comfort.
Someone understands the climate.
I take my father’s hand encouragingly,
He turns to run, squirrely,
The shadow greets me with open arms.
I love the shadow as much as I love the man.
After all, there is comfort in numbers.
Amy Perry Aug 2013
Brimming with joy
Becoming a star
Little by little
I will go far.
With kindness in my heart
And a compassionate soul.
Gifted from the start
With a spirit that's whole.
Just something positive about myself.
Amy Perry Sep 2013
Cruisin' convertible, top down.
Feeling fine, feeling fly;
That is until, of course
I get something in my eye.
A quick jot of a simple plot.
Amy Perry May 2014
Born with a scorn
For the body adorned
With ribbons and bows
And told, "How she glows!"
"I am not a girl,"
He boldly tells the world.

Born with a feeling forlorn,
Feeling emotionally torn--
If I am a boy,
Why am I annoyed
When told not to dance,
And no dresses, just pants.
"I am not a boy,"
She says, cutesy and coy.
Transgendered Children have my upmost respect and admiration.
Amy Perry Jul 2014
I am the breath you exhale
That sends dandelion seeds asail.
To you, a momentary pleasure,
While it gives my life new measure.
You've plucked me from home,
Blew me into the unknown.
I might be a seed under your boot,
My existence could seem moot.
But next summer, when you've lost incentive
In momentary pleasures, no longer attentive,
I'll be in full bloom.
Pick me up, I'll rebound again soon.
Amy Perry May 2014
The Vampire is the

Most supreme demon.

The Vampire takes life

Through an invited kiss,

And feels its victim

Slip into the night,

Terrified, collapsing,

As the demon experiences bliss.
Amy Perry Dec 2013
I bring your attention,
Unabided and true,
To the one I shall mention,
The girl who daydreams the whole day through.

I recall from infancy,
Gazing up at my mobile,
Imaginations I'd see
Behind my daydreaming smile.

I have my quirks,
Like shaking my wrists.
Grasping things also works
To send my mind into twists.

I pick up a book
I have no intention to read,
But boy, how it shook
When I played my daydream.

My visions come alive.
I see it on the big screen.
Others ask if I'm alright,
I can't admit my daydreams.

Thanks for your attention,
And I hope you now see
An outlook of appreciation
To those of us who daydream.
Amy Perry Aug 2018
I watch him slowly deteriorate.
The first man I ever loved
Is being brought down,
Like a torrid helicopter
Caught in a hailstorm.
How much he must struggle
Against the current,
Only to be swept into unsightly circumstances,
Into a misfortunate gravity
He brings upon himself.
Homelessness, his vice,
And all I can do to help him
Is not worry so much
About all his suffering and whirlwind adventures
That make so little sense.
The delusions, the psychosis,
The wretched, wonderful mania,
It’s all so much for one person to contain,
And all I can do is watch
Him deteriorate
Before my eyes.
The first man I ever loved,
Fearful of none,
How terrible must be the parts of him
I cannot see
For his actions to be
So extreme.
abp 08/26/18
Amy Perry Jan 2014
Here we are,
You're in my world.
You're far away from home.
You look towards the place
You once roamed longingly,
While I sing songs of harmony
Among lilies that sway in the breeze,
A life of ease for me, when you
See no beauty in the sunshine
That streams down on my laughing face.
I exclaim how I love this place,
Friends come to join in my clamor,
As you quietly stammer,
"Take me home."
Amy Perry Feb 2014
I want to be with you,
But if I'm investing
More than you can return,
I might just see you
Later on down the road.
The road will be paved
With specks of gold and marble,
Surrounded by belligerent birds.
Because my life will be
Beautiful and happy,
Even without you.
Because I have an inner beauty
That sprouts happiness abound,
And if you catch me around,
And tell me you've made a mistake,
Well, honey, you dug your own grave.
I'm not a woman
You find just anywhere.
I have the capacity to love
With not enough time to spare.
I'm not the type of girl
To hold grudges easily.
For years you held me close,
And for rocky times,
Much too far.
So if you see me down the road,
Hug me and say hello.
I'll hope the regret
That you didn't hold me
Like that years ago
Settles well.
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