My mad waiting skull
craves your orange glow
like clockwork.

Toes clenching and unclenching,
grabbing pale carpet hair and thinking
about your nose;
it's striking prominence and form.

Warm skin!
your sultry delights.
I guess I'll take a cigarette,
one thing burning
between my lips
before the other.

It's a tricky facade
we entertain with mouths and lips,
giving green lights to swaying hips --
Eating white lines with ravenous tires
that don't seem to tire.
Puffing smoke and chasing barbed wire,
a heady velocity.
Bleating hunger for the bare virgin road
still unstaunched even when
leaving boots and combs at home

We're disingenuous riff-raff,
leaden eyelids at half-mast --
Leggy and skirted,
we're skirting scraped knees
and toting battle-axes.

In a series of gasps I'll devour your breath,
in the sea of your soul I'll wade up to the neck.
Ripping seams from your sides
I'll crawl into your mind,
and love 'till our bodies protest.

Down my spine and up my fingers,
Wet tobacco sweats and lingers.
Small infernos in my chest,
Stoking fire with every breath.
Both fickle days and longing nights,
Butane flame my iris lights.

Post-midnight smoke.
nothing's Amiss Dec 2016

swallow your non-apologies,
I'll smear death on your eyelids
like a balm--
a bomb
to soothe the rouse
of your sympathy,
of your sorry speeches.

swallow your non-apologies,
you've assailed the right to breathe--
a crude oil
sink hole
your death bed, still
cut your belly to loose
cash and coin, your dick is

a noose.

swallow your non-apologies,
eat to shit
bathe in greed

nothing's Amiss Dec 2016

To the Death
of womankind,
I say the death of humanity.
Preserving us for mere utility;
thus the greed of the matter.
Your whim is mad as a hatter.

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