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Do you remember that night?
we were standing on the balcony of your house watching stars.
I flew.
Proud that I would make you surprised.
But it didn't seem so strange to you at all.
You waved and shouted from below:
"Can you pick me some stars?"
We weren't 6- year old kids anymore. I said to myself: “how come you still don't know these are all suns!”
But I flew higher and higher
Up there, in the sky of the night, I looked at you.
you were so small  and I saw that you were right
All of the stars were pickable.
The last time I left her house
(She was  not there)
Her things followed behind me in a line. All of them
I said: “where”?
“How big do you think my heart is?”
There was a watch among them
with a brown leather strap, so kind, but stunned, with hanging hands
I picked her up
(The only thing I could do)
It was five-thirty then and still, it is.
Today, however, most of those houses are destroyed
That alley has no longer the magic in its long and twisting sleeve
No doorbell, no window, and no eyes who would shine through it
I say to myself
I wish I could have stolen the time
Who I am not if I could mistake me for
I would smoke a ***
and kiss a shot
who I am if I am not
I would laugh not cry not
and fears I would fought
and skip the last page of life
I laid my eyes on the bench
And walked on the lawn of the park
When I looked back I saw nothing
But the dreams I had
all full of the color of your eyes
Leave your hands to the begging of mine
and let me see them
the other side of love
are the ominous days of insanity
I see them
They are running on the paper of your hands
Black and white
They are running like tears and rimes
Like wet-paper poems
dark nights
dark days
My life
What's my life doing in your hands?
One night
Not far from this moon
the Hounds of your words
Will find me out
Then I'll begin another life
In disguise of a haiku
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