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1d · 132
Bibby 1d
If you don't heal what hurt you,

You'll bleed on people who didn't cut you.
Recovery is hard.
3d · 45
Bibby 3d
Truth is, life is full of thunderstorms.
And we're all driving as fast as we can to escape the dark clouds overhead.
But every now and then, we pass under a bridge.
And for that split second,
There's quiet...
There's tranquility...
There's peace.
And in that brief moment, we forget the rain.
Feb 10 · 51
Bibby Feb 10
Once upon a time,
Fact and fiction fell in love and gave birth to poetry.
Feb 8 · 220
Bibby Feb 8
I gave you $20 but you left me for someone who gave you $30.
They had $100, I had $20.
Based upon years of being left and forgotten in many areas.  
It's hard for me to trust and make any friends anymore.
I barely have established a stable relationship due to issues and past of being cheated on, abandonment, being ghosted, and always being that someone who was never someone's first choice or friend.
And yet, I still love and get too easily attached.
I can never be angry or hold resentment...
I just wish others who know this pain, didn't.
Feb 7 · 52
Bibby Feb 7
I wear a broken watch on my left wrist
To convey that,
Time is not always right.
Just something random and simple
Feb 7 · 370
Bibby Feb 7
The pools of water in my eyes,
Blur my vision,
But for once,
I'm okay with not seeing.
Jan 19 · 221
Bibby Jan 19
I sought comfort in the arms of strangers and suddenly became a stranger to myself.
Be careful how much of yourself you give.
All my life I have prioritized others instead of myself every time.
Be it money, time, help, giving, and love.
I love humanity more than myself, and more than often...I have ignored the pain of being used or taken advantage of.
I hate admitting to myself that I need to take care of myself too, just because it feels selfish.
But after helping so many, there came a point where I looked around and asked myself, "Who am I?"

Helping others...
But I lost a lot of energy and used my years building other people instead of my own.

I really hope this doesn't sound arrogant.
Because it's literally the last thing I care to be.
Jan 19 · 90
Deep Waters
Bibby Jan 19
Allow me to dive into your mind,
If I fail to **** the sharks, I'll learn how to swim with them.
Based upon my relationship in which over three years now, we have both learned to better care and understand each other's "deep waters".
It's been a joruney of tears, pain and lessons.
But we are now engaged and have grown and learned so much now!
Jan 19 · 82
Bibby Jan 19
Don't be at war with your reflection in the mirror,
A piece of glass cannot see how divine the spirit can be.
Jan 14 · 117
Coming out
Bibby Jan 14
And so I poured myself
Inside my fears,
And they had no power over me
Any longer.
Officially came out as Pansexual today!
Jan 14 · 48
Bibby Jan 14
The thought of ghosts stopped scaring me,
When I realized,
I was more dead then they would ever be.
Relating to the numbness I get alongside Depression, it's god awful.
Jan 10 · 1.3k
Bibby Jan 10
As I was

I came together
To the person
I had to become.
Jan 10 · 63
Bibby Jan 10
Everyone is full of opinions about
What I should do,
Where I should go,
Who I should be,
And who should I talk to;

When they can't even look inside their own bags to clean their dirt.
Old vent.
Jan 10 · 184
Bibby Jan 10
It's difficult to remind yourself,
That you are not just a perception of what others make you,
But that you are more than that.

You are your laugh,
And all those times when you couldn't get up,
But found the strength within yourself to make it through.

Don't let others be the only source of reflection.
Jan 4 · 1.5k
Bibby Jan 4
Hurt people,
Hurt people.
I often spend hours at night reflecting or having memories of past abuse and trauma. I am the type to see the level of pain in my abusers than evil. It makes me sad and often...
Has made me look crazy for giving them forgiveness and empathy from a lot of people.
No one is born evil, be it an illness, pain, or even trauma themselves...
I at least try to see some reality in it all.

I don't know, that's just me.
Dec 2018 · 66
Bibby Dec 2018
There are many who don't wish to sleep for the fear of nightmares.
Sadly, there are many who don't wish to wake for the same fear.
Dec 2018 · 65
Just a Note :)
Bibby Dec 2018
Don't worry if you feel low; the sun has a sinking spell every night,
But rises again the next morning.
Dec 2018 · 509
Bibby Dec 2018
Today, give a stranger one of your smiles,
It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.
Dec 2018 · 64
What's left.
Bibby Dec 2018
Before you give someone a piece of your mind, make sure you can get by with what's left.
Dec 2018 · 179
Bibby Dec 2018
If someone shows you their true colors, don't try to repaint them.
Dec 2018 · 93
Bibby Dec 2018
Often the hardest people to love are the ones who need it the most.
Dec 2018 · 68
Bibby Dec 2018
If I cut you off
Chances are,
You handed me the scissors.
Dec 2018 · 818
Bibby Dec 2018
I have two people living within me,
Two shadows, follow me home,
Two voices screaming inside,
I don't know which one to call my own.
Dec 2018 · 76
B r e a k
Bibby Dec 2018
The people who break you
Are not the ones
Who are going to put you back together.
Nov 2018 · 458
Bibby Nov 2018
All I want to do is cry,
Because all I can think about is wanting to die.
Simple vent.
I hate depression.
I don't know how I am here anymore.
Nov 2018 · 79
Bibby Nov 2018
Will you keep living the same way,
If death was not a distant concept,
But infact,
Just around the block?
Nov 2018 · 249
Bibby Nov 2018
It takes courage
to lay yourself bare,
In a world
dressed up in lies.
Nov 2018 · 54
Bibby Nov 2018
If Earth
Is God's clenched fist,
What are we giving him to hold?

In the beginning,
From blazing flames,
How did we-
Get so cold?
Just thoughts.
Jul 2018 · 145
Bibby Jul 2018
A man asked me why I was more afraid of people than I was a hopsital.

With a heavy, yet numb heart, I replied:

"I have had more IVs than I ever had hugs."
Simple late night vent.
Dealing with multiple chronic illnesses my whole life has left me with such a severe depression, sometimes I wish I could die than live like this.
In the passed month, I had been in E.Rs 9 times and admitted as well. As much as you'd think I would be relieved in the end I have treatment, and found a diagnosis after this years start of flare ups, infections, etc...
I wish at times I would just go to sleep and never wake up.
I am not someone who was ever strong against even the most simplest of pain, held strong in times when something came up, and I have severe anxiety about my health even if it is a small cough, every moment is watching the clock, pill bottles and appointments.

I know others have it worse out there, and I know there is hope...
But in moments like now, I see nothing more than pain the rest of my life and being a failure to every single person around me.

To those of you out there who know or deal with something like this...
I am so truly sorry.
Things like this, I would wish on NO ONE, not even the Devil himself.
I wish-as taken for granted as people are towards health and what they can have-
I would give anything to cure your soul than mine.

(Sorry to rant. It's late, I am trying to keep "dark thoughts" at bay.)

God bless everyone of you, and to good health may you always find.
Jun 2018 · 146
Bibby Jun 2018
Everything my heart desires is either too far for my arms to reach or too hot for my fingers to touch;
But like a moth to a flame, I move towards it even as it consumes me.
Jun 2018 · 112
Bibby Jun 2018
Stop looking for the light in the dark and create it yourself-
Time waits for no one.
Random late night words.
Jun 2018 · 208
Bibby Jun 2018
Be a window
A curtain
The choice is yours.
May 2018 · 175
Bibby May 2018
There was a man, who I found bleeding,
What were the odds, the chances of meeting?
He held his heart, said it was dying,
Frantic, I kneeled and helped this man- without even trying.
When I screamed for help, I was unbeknownst,
That I had grown...a little too close.
Without a second call, he grabbed me and clawed away at my soul,
The man who I found bleeding? Was a man no more.
Recollecting on trauma and distrust I have for people due to it. It's both a blessing and a curse to love and care so deeply, and sadly, such foolishness has lead me "devoured" before.
May 2018 · 183
For Mom...
Bibby May 2018
A nother day.
C arelessly we go about.
I can only remember so much,
D ismayed, we all started to cry.
E verone will be O.K." They rushed.
N ightmares that leave me awake,
T hanking God, we are all alive.
This poem isn't all that good, but recently we (my mom, me, and my aunt) were all involved in a car accident and I am still having trouble getting through this. We are all okay, but not without our own injuries, although my mom suffered the worst in breaking her back.
I started a GoFundMe account for her to help her in anyways I can, since I am going through guilt, and bad depression for seeing her this way.
The link to her page is here:

Any donation helps and I am only doing this to help her with the support she deserves most. To anyone/if anyone donates, God bless you and a huge "thank you" from my heart miles away.
May 2018 · 129
Bibby May 2018
I'm tired of painting my sky in shades of blue and grey,
Even if it leaves me dead,
Paint me in splendid red.
Apr 2018 · 158
Bibby Apr 2018
I am the moon.
I may not burn as bright as the sun-
But I glimmer enough to shed light on the things that crave to be seen in utter darkness.
Apr 2018 · 138
F l o w e r
Bibby Apr 2018
You may be soft, fragile and delicate- like the petals of a flower;

But don't forget, you are also the stem, that keeps it all together.
Apr 2018 · 123
T r a d e
Bibby Apr 2018
It's sad to watch people trade their bodies in the night,

For temporary warmth in the morning.
Apr 2018 · 987
P i e c e s
Bibby Apr 2018
Even the planets aren't perfectly aligned,
How can you expect yourself to be?

Being in pieces doesn't make you any less beautiful.
2 AM thoughts.
Apr 2018 · 122
Bibby Apr 2018
I am following my heart, but it doesn't seem like it knows the directions either.
Apr 2018 · 201
Bibby Apr 2018
The only true cosmetic secret to ultimate beauty is this-
Based upon my love for people and seeing someone smile. <3
Apr 2018 · 119
Bibby Apr 2018
Life could never be as simple as black and white; regardless you would still have all the grays to account for.
Apr 2018 · 194
Bibby Apr 2018
Be careful how you share your light,
The glow can attract bugs that bite.
Apr 2018 · 198
Bibby Apr 2018
My lungs are full of glass,
My skin is paper mache,
My eyes are withered and rusted,
Like an old forgotten machine.

My brain is lost at sea,
And it's been years without you,
But somehow, somehow,
You can still see me.
Apr 2018 · 209
Thoughts from an introvert.
Bibby Apr 2018
The deeper inward you go, the more you expand into infinity. Eventually, you become one with all of existence.
Late night thoughts.
Apr 2018 · 112
High road, low road
Bibby Apr 2018
God handed me the keys and told me: "Go and unlock the door."
While the Devil held the door open and spoke: "The door is unlocked."
Yet, held the keys.
Apr 2018 · 223
Bibby Apr 2018
Stars don't die quietly,
They paint the darkness with color.
Thoughts at 2 AM
Mar 2018 · 250
Mind Control
Bibby Mar 2018
Allow someone to hold your mind for too long,
And he may just take your life.
Based upon personal experience with trauma and abuse since I was younger. I still struggle with things such a strange "Stockholm syndrome" and things I have yet to "deprogram" my mind from believing.

To those who have known physical or mental abuse or even both:
Acknowledgement in speaking up is your first step to freedom,
Do not be afraid to see what is beyond the cage.
Mar 2018 · 126
Depression be like
Bibby Mar 2018
Everything is boring,
Everything is sad,
Everything is scary,
And everything is bad.
Just a random and short poem that describes how depression is for me lately. -.-
Mar 2018 · 148
Bibby Mar 2018
You must all call me insane behind the curtains of the stage,
And who knows if you are well acquainted with the directors pulling the strings.
Paranoia, insecurity, anxiety and feelings of distrust and worthlessness have really be getting to me lately. ):
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