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 16h Bibby
sometimes i **** myself
in my mind
just a little
just enough to see how everyone would be better without me
just enough to isolate myself a while
but it's not real
and every day i regret that i'm still here
you say you care but i can't help doubting your honest lies
I sit and I cut
Where you can’t see
I love the burn
Please help me
 16h Bibby
All of my feelings
I hold in my heart
But my heart has a hole
And nothing will stay
It will fill for a moment
But then will depart
My happiness drains fast away.
Empty and numb
This hollowness echoes
Mocking with all that I lack
I try and try but never can manage
To take that happiness back
 16h Bibby
Love is fake
Romance is a lie
I will be alone
Until the day I die
I'm always going to be alone.
I can't fake another smile
it's hard to put my lips
in that position
they're stretched and
my wrinkles are hidden
not for sympathy,
not for attention
but i just can't fake another smile.
 16h Bibby
And then all of the sudden
I catch myself smiling
And i think i know why
A short thing I wrote when i first met you

I'm not feeling safe
Don't hate me
My soul is dead
Please love me
My Eros was replaced by hate
Please love me
Everything was all about you
So please don't be mistaken
When you're reading this
Just love me
They told me
rain would rinse off my worries
but I drowned in them instead.
I wrote this for one of my best friends. We were really close but had a ******  argument and spent about 3 months ignoring each other. One night we had to walk home on our own while it was pouring raining and we laughed and it felt like everything was good again. The morning, however, revealed a whole different truth. I felt like we would never be the same again.
I only wish my first love would have been myself
Progress is still progress
No matter how slow
Just hang in there
There is so much more in store
Do not lose hope
Believe that you can
Put your heart into everything
That should be your master plan
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