Bibby 5d
For as long as this reality exists, when our time comes, we will be gone.

And though many times fear cosumes me,
Pain finds me,
Hope fades,
And Faith is so hard to follow,

Despite how much patience I give,
Peace I practice,
Courage I fight for,
And love I hold to believe in,

I yearn that somewhere, sometime not long afterwards,
I find life again.
Late night nonsense thinking.
I have always had a large fear of Death.
I often fear the death of loved ones around me, as well as strangers I care so deeply for.
I have been in many religions, listened to many beliefs, been around so many people that have left and stayed.

In such a time, it lead me to believe agnostically that, I may not know what happens afterwards or what truly is what is...
But to live hoping in maybe, the love I give here the best I can and staying a neutral and listening person might perhaps mean life again somewhere.
If not...
At least lived a short while giving what you could never have too much of-
Love and kindness.

(This is not to start debate or insult anyone. Just a brief entry I had in deep reflection of the world around me.) :)
  5d Bibby
Mr Quiet
I could give you the entire universe but then I would just be giving you yourself.
but it's true tho.
When You Used To Call Me Mine
Part 14/14
Bibby 6d
It takes courage
to lay yourself bare,
In a world
dressed up in lies.
Bibby 6d
Do not belittle the power of lonesome gusts of wind
meeting to start a hurricane.
Bibby 6d
If Earth
Is ***'s clenched fist,
What are we giving him to hold?

In the beginning,
From blazing flames,
How did we-
Get so cold?
Just thoughts.
  7d Bibby
I can’t be depressed...
I just can’t.
If I am lost then I can’t help the people I care about the most find their own way.
  Nov 4 Bibby
Wrogue K
Sometimes I feel like a mirror.
Even though I
can see that it's me,
I don't feel
at all.
Am I
really staring at myself,
Or just reflecting someone else?
What's really real?
What I see
or what I feel.
I'm ashamed
to say, I'm confused.
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