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  Sep 23 NM
last rainy night
why is it that you are my calm and my storm at the same time?
NM Sep 12
Loving you was like going to war;
I never came back the same.
Not to be too "EdGy" here, but still in the process of healing and overcoming having left a severely abusive relationship.
NM Sep 12
I sat with my anger long enough,
Until it told me it's real name was grief.
  Sep 4 NM
Stacy Mills
I said, "Love me or leave me!"
everyone left.
  Sep 2 NM
I once heard one broken heart say to another broken heart that ''i wish we were not made of glass''.
Only a broken heart understands the plight of another.
  Sep 2 NM
Caitlyn Fletcher
I love someone I can't love anymore
And it haunts me to my bones
  Sep 2 NM
Sejal ahir
The ice between us
broke today
And the water melted
through my eyes
When you talk to that one person after a long span
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