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Amethystwolf Jan 2017
Dear you , I hope you know that to love you I gave up a lot to an extent that I broke myself a little to love you , to extent that I want to make sure that you're fine all the time even when I'm having hard time .

Dear you , I hope you know that I'm not actually this annoying but because I love you that's why I'm like this .

Dear you , I hope you understand that I'm a little insecure all the time because my biggest fear is losing you .

Dear you , I hope you understand that I'm this protective because I can't bear to see anyone hurting you , I'd protect you even if it means to take my life away .

Dear you , I hope you will love me like how I love you too . It's not too much to ask for or maybe a little too much to ask for .

Dear you , I'm your person and I hope that you're entirely my person too .

Dear you , I'll choose you everyday , I'll love you more and more everyday , I'll do my best that I can just to see your smile .

Dear you , I hope you know that I love you ,  more than I love myself .

Dear you , I hope , I just hope that you'll never go like what you've promised .

Dear you , I'll never give up on you no matter how tough things get .

And lastly , dear you , I love you .
Amethystwolf Jan 2017
Which is worst ?
To break a heart or get your own broken ?
To destroy a soul or get your own destroyed ?
I don't know which is worst ,
To love someone and then get yourself destroy ,
Or to destroy someone whose only intention is to love you .
Then I realise , maybe it's better to just fall asleep than to fall in love .
Love is never simple though it sounds easy ,
But love , is a strong word and also a strong feeling that can make you destroy yourself and others .
Amethystwolf Aug 2016
It's true ,
being able to feel everything deeply ,
is both a blessing and a curse ,
because being able to do that ,
made her think a lot ,
at the same timing ,
she's a over thinker too .

Having so much thoughts in her mind ,
but not knowing who to talk it out to ,
she chose to bottle it up .

Fake smiles ,
fake laughters ,
white lies ,
it all started coming out ,
day by day ,
she's dying slowly ,
on the inside .

All she could do was to swallow all the emotions ,
feeling useless and helpless .
Amethystwolf Aug 2016
She tried .
She tried daily ,
With a fake smile on her face ,
Thinking that she could deceive everyone ,
Including herself ,
That she's happy .
But when it comes down to 3am in the morning ,
She realize she couldn't deceive one person ,
And that's herself .
Amethystwolf Nov 2015
They both thought that they would end up together  ,
They both thought that they will never get over each other ,
At the end of the day , they both ended up with someone else .

This ending was unexpected , but it was a happy one .

No one was left behind nor hurt .
Amethystwolf Oct 2015
She thought she could do well even after losing him ,

But guess what .

Haha she's wrong .
Amethystwolf Oct 2015
It isn't about what makes you smile during the day time .

It's about what hits you at 3am in the morning making you feel like you ain't good enough for anyone .

~ W.X ~
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