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Amelia May 2015
It's amazing how you can talk nonstop
Take a ******* breath already
Amelia Aug 2014
love vanquishes all attackers
even when the guy next to you smells
like sour milk
and rancid pinto beans from 1989
Amelia Jun 2014
so you have an affinity for ghosts?
explore our urban ruins, at most, forget the Queen Mary
ain't nothing as scary
as a spectral Vincent Price and Frank Lloyd Wright
lurking amongst the needles and graffiti in Barnsdall Park

you say you want uniquely terrifying and seedy?
try this rotten picnic table nestled deeply in Griffith Park
atop which two young Angelenos

made love
then died

under the crushing weight of a healthy oak tree
felled by some fell spirit
coordinates thirty four eight thirteen one eighteen eighteen twenty three
if you don't believe me
Amelia May 2014
beware of our luscious palm trees
they will catapult themselves into your
kaleidoscope windshield

or at least it is now
Amelia May 2014
when you find yourself stopped at a green light
maybe three light cycles

abandon all fear that you won't reach your goal
just say these words two times each, eight seconds apart:


now, drop anything that feels heavy

you will reach your destination
Amelia Apr 2014
this isn't a poem
unless you read it

this isn't art
until you see it

this isn't life
until you breathe it

so don't go to a coffee shop expecting to work;
because the hand that feeds will SEIZE a dose of life NEEDED.
LA los angeles
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