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Nov 2020 · 232
Amelia Nov 2020
Will you let me read your mind?
Enter into your space-dust thoughts
Nebula’s sprinkled eyes fixated
Dragging onto my galaxy twisted heart
Years spent orbiting the moon -  back to you.
Jun 2020 · 380
Amelia Jun 2020
We sit in a room with nothing
but the scorching fire burning my skin,
and a cigarette pressed against my lips.
Yet, you are the thing
that causes the most harm.
Jun 2020 · 1.3k
A maze called life.
Amelia Jun 2020
Her pale skin knew all the secrets.
When the maze would twist,
and when it would turn,
when it etched a clear path,
and whispered the escape route.

His dark skin was trapped.
The maze unleashed its branches,
tightening the grip around his body,
tangling him up in the mess
that she had created.

It was designed
by her ancestors,
for only one to win.
This maze
is the one they call life.

She needed to forge a new path.
One where he leads, she follows.
One where the branches
only burden the deserved,
and not for the colour of their skin.
I understand that I will never understand. However, I stand with you.
Amelia Apr 2020
I don't want to be in a world
where you're not here.

I don't want to be in a world
that crushes you when you're down,
where you try to reach for happiness
but can only frown,
because deep inside, you can only drown.

I don't want to be in a world
that is full of such hate,
where you feel like you're not important and that's your only fate,
because together, I promise you, we'll re-write the slate.
Feb 2020 · 137
Please... tell me
Amelia Feb 2020
I can’t deal with this anymore,
the world is damaged to its core.

When I look around me,
disaster is all I see.

Cooped up in fear,
what is really happening here?

Confinement of body, mind and soul,
yearning to feel whole.

Piece by piece it’s falling apart.
Please I beg, can we restart?

How do I begin
in a world that is caving in?

How do I progress
when the world is filled with emptiness?

How am I blessed
when there’s barely anything left?

Just please...tell me
Amelia Nov 2019
Dust filters through their fingers,
each grain slowly slipping away.

Pushing forwards
And feeling the strong repel of backwards.

All that remains now are the ashes
of the dreams that you let die.
Oct 2019 · 188
Amelia Oct 2019
The wilted leaves of the plant you gave me
begin to peel away
lingering on the sunny window ledge
starting to fade on this day.

I laughed at its structure
and how it reminded me of us:
started out blooming and blossoming
but soon we lost our trust.

Today, I feed a new plant
with the tears I cried over you,
and with the warmth that I never received,
I began to build something new.

I smiled at its structure
and how it reminded me of myself:
started out small and feeble
But I am no longer just a decoration on the shelf.
Jul 2019 · 264
Amelia Jul 2019
Fire running through my veins
like electricity
attempting to ignite
if even only a small spark
May 2019 · 381
fix me .
Amelia May 2019
My heart shattered into
thousands of pieces on the
cold, hard ground.
Shaking hands attempt to piece them together
but they are unable to,
unable to fix me -
I have to fix myself.
Apr 2019 · 335
Corruption of the soul
Amelia Apr 2019
My hand trembles
at the sight I see before me.

My face damaged
from the expectations of society.

My body bruised and scarred
from every ounce of derision inflicted upon me.

Not only is it a corruption of appearance,
but a corruption of the soul.
Feb 2019 · 212
my bright flickering flame
Amelia Feb 2019
the fire burns
flickering in the cold winter's night
and you see the reflection
of someone you had lost
or someone
who had lost you

you could never really be sure
whether the bright flickering flame
held only an illusion
or whether
it was truly burning you up inside
Feb 2019 · 569
ocean of tears
Amelia Feb 2019
a droplet of salty water falls
delicately upon my cheek.
my vision blurs
as the tear drops start to form a puddle -
an ocean.

i tried to prevent them
from ever creating a water so deep
but i could not
and i was drowning
in my own tears.
Jan 2019 · 2.5k
mirror mirror
Amelia Jan 2019
mirror mirror on the wall,
who is the fairest of them all?

mirror mirror can't you see,
this reflection i'm looking at isn't me.

mirror mirror i don't recognise myself anymore,
this reflection pains me to my core.

mirror mirror the cracks are starting to show,
how i will make it, i do not know.

mirror mirror i'm fading now,
unto me, this retraction you will allow.
Jan 2019 · 427
Black Hole.
Amelia Jan 2019
Hollow, deep and empty;
Welcoming to the dark.
Hollow, deep and empty;
Wishing to make my mark.
Hollow, deep and empty;
The flashbacks begin to start.
Hollow, deep and empty;
These scars are not a work of art.
Nov 2018 · 582
Look deeper, I say
Amelia Nov 2018
Can you really see her;
What she's feeling
What she's saying?
She's smiling,
so she must be happy - right?

Look deeper, I say.

I gazed into the emerald greens,
Entranced in the gem,
But I saw the inside,
And like an ocean,
Tears trickled down her face.

She was drowning.
Nov 2018 · 356
Amelia Nov 2018
'Smile', they say as the camera flashes, when all I want to do is break down in tears.
'Smile', they say as it feels like one day is turning into years.
'Smile', they say as I have to face my deepest, darkest fears.

I'm in hysterics, but they don't know it's just nerves.
A car is about to hit me, I remain hopelessly still, but it swerves.
But yet what am I told to do?
'Smile', they say as I feel like I'm taking my very last breath.

'Smile' they say, as I'm taking my very last pill.
'Smile' they say, as I try searching every ounce of emotion just to feel.

'Just smile'.

— The End —