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bluesatyrboy Mar 13
He was lost
Jan 15

Hidden in a swamp of words
"Goodbye my love"

His best way to say it
Was to say he was drowning

He told the whole world
Four times

That he
Had slipped under

You can not speak
Not underwater at least
bluesatyrboy Feb 23
If I touch him

He will fall apart
Back into strips of cloth
His thread will come undone
Back to bad

He will bleed
He will cry and scream

If I touch him
He will change again
Further and further away
He will go

His bad seeped in
Through tears and rips
He became tainted through blisters and bites
If I touch him

Ever again

The bad will come back
If I write about how much I hate him, maybe I will hate myself less
bluesatyrboy Feb 18
He has
Cloudy eyes
Pock-marked skin
Forgotten desires

He has
Too many
bluesatyrboy Feb 7
A burned out candle
And water from the marsh

A love no longer held
And a lover's judgement too harsh
bluesatyrboy Feb 2
Sorry is just a word
And apologies are often empty
I say them so frequently
But I want them to stay genuine
The only one I can bring myself to hate, says too many empty sorries. He should remain unforgiven.
bluesatyrboy Jan 31
What is true
And what is a trick
I wonder if
This daydream will stick
bluesatyrboy Jan 30
If you don't love him

Why keep him

Don't play "Love Me Love Me Not"

If you don't want him to love you
I don't like him, no, but I do pity him.
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