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Amber Oct 2018
Here I fall,
Waiting for you.
I will wait forever.
Even though as I wait,
I can't breathe.
I can't speak.
But as I fall,
I know that you will soon appear.
I'm free falling
And I don't know where you are.
I'm trusting you to be there to catch me.
So here I am waiting with the only words I am to speak:
"And here I fall, yet again."
Amber Aug 2018
A child.
Just a small child.
Left to hide from the world.
The small bits of hope she carried,
Where all but smashed
By the cruel hand that raised her.

A 14 year old girl.
Just 14 years old.
Yet she carried so much on her shoulders.
Left to hide away from the ones who she thought would
Care for her
And protect her from evil.

A 16 year old girl
Just 16 years old.
She cries to herself.
She never lets anyone see how she is broken,
Just becuase of the cruelness of life
That left her shattered in tiny pieces.
Amber Aug 2018
Do you really think that I'm that heartless
I would let my friend get hurt because of me?
I have tried and I have tried.
There just is no stopping her.
I know,
Morgan is hurting.
I know that.
But I can't stop it.
Andrea won't stop.
I can't stop her.

But what hurts me the most about this is that...
You think I'm
It is a long story for what inspired this poem...
Amber Aug 2018
My name is Amber.
Not Amber Rose.
Yes, I get it.
I am named after my grandmother.
I don't mind that.
What I do mind is your thinking.
I don't want to live in the shadow of someone else!
I know.
I disappoint you.
Get in line, Mother.
I am not Grandmother Rosalie.
I am my own person!
So I'll say it once again.

My name is Amber.
My mother keeps calling me Amber Rose and has even stated it as my name on my senior photos because she wants me to be a copy of my grandmother, who died several years ago.
Amber Aug 2018
Hey, Brother.
Are you proud of me?
I bet I'm everything you thought I wouldn't become.

Hey, Brother.
Do you still love me?
I know it will be a miracle if you do.

Hey Brother,
Can you remember me the way I was when I was little?
It would make me so happy.
Amber Apr 2018
Today is the GSA National Day of Silence.
At my school,
We have people participating and wearing badges to show it.
Others are tearing down our posters.
But the best part, is the ones that are supposed to stand with us
Are talking.
They said that they would be silent.
They gave us their vow.
But they lied to us.
Now our Day of Silence is just a broken shell.
This is actually going on in my school at this moment. I am the leader of my schools GSA and this is getting me so mad and disappointed all at the same time.
Amber Apr 2018
I can feel it.
My heart.
Beat-Beating in my chest.

It's telling me that I'm alive.
Shadows of doubt are fading away with every
Beat-Beat of
My heart.

I am alive.
I am free.
I am who I choose to be.
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