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amber blue Aug 18
To hold your breath
like the only diamond
of melodic light
left in the universe

..its only precious song..
amber blue Aug 6
I sent you a dream,
a dream of home
I never had

Bright and welcoming

And you answered
it looks like a movie scene.
amber blue Aug 3
The wind, vermilion wind.
A strange dizzy

I want to live.
I need to live

In this hell
Where I hardly find steps

I need to live

For him
or maybe
just for me

But I hope...
for him

Help me, God
amber blue Aug 3
Where do you go when you fall?
When the agony of walls swallows you
and they don't care. Just don't care,
muting the tone of your voice,
even if you whisper, to nothing.
When the heart hardly beats
yet they pretend you simulate fading
because they are ashamed of you,
ashamed to even have given birth to you.

When all they want from you
is maybe dead silence.
amber blue Jul 29
He stood on the edge of sun.
She lingered in the infinite dark.
They met when it was too much
for the light to shine alone.
amber blue Jul 24
In my soul you shine as a diamond star
and whenever the dusk comes
the shore speaks to me in tones of you.
Beyond the fear of death
there is your spring. And I
follow. Not knowing what the dark
could bring to vision. May be a mirage,
may be the evidence of what doesn't exist.

But you exist

amber blue Jul 20
This time, I couldn't find your door
though it was open

between the heart and nowhere

between the shore and summer.

Forgive my shallow soul
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