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Let's get a little bit tipsy and dance under the stars on a sandy beach,
splash in its chaotic waves.
let's skinny dip under the moon,
bath in the clear fresh water that falls off a beautiful jagged mountain.
Let's jump off that same mountain and feel our hearts catch in our throats and our souls get shocked  back to life.
Lets set ourselves free
Let us simply exist.
Let us just be.
Those boys
They don't understand
Them girls
They're giving them a second chance
To show
That they give a ****
Them girls
Cry every night
Because those boys
Go out and drink all the time  
She waits
For him to come home
And he
Yells for her to leave him alone
She cries
Because she's tried
But he still doesn't give a ****.
Those boys
They don't understand
Them girls
Aren't giving them a second chance
You drive me to insanity
Not the good kind
The kind that runs through your veins
Until all that's left are the scrappy remains
Of what once were rational thoughts
You've committed a horrid crime of theft
Now there's nothing left
But scrappy remains
And insanity Running through my veins.

— The End —