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Xo Feb 2019
Did you learn to breathe in fluids?
We’ve all drown in the misery you’ve learned to sleep in over night.
You’ve drown all of us in this sorrow you’ve manifested, then
You created unrealistic dreams for each of us and yet never once thought about the fact that we’re stuck waking up from these nightmares without you laying next to us
without you caring because you are so ******* drunk.
You were so ******* drunk and you didn’t even look back at the flood.
Xo Jan 2019
You are fire.
I’ve always ignored the burn warnings,
I know we’ll go up in flames.
We will turn to ash soon enough.
I’ll still reach, if you’re going down it won’t be alone.
I’ll love you either way.
Even in your darkness when you struggle to flicker,
I’ll love you even if you burn out.
Despite the danger, you’ve always been my light.
I’d allow you to burn me,
Over and over and over,
Until there’s nothing left of me.
There’s nothing left of us.
-this is the sad truth.
Xo Jan 2019
Did you hear me?
I screamed for you so loud it might have broken the sky,
Only to feel helpless
I think the moon heard about how much
I love you.
I think you slept through the sound.

— The End —