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Do you know what I love about our love story?
It did not happen.
It did not happen in reality.
If we scavenge history for proof of us, there won’t be any.
We never existed.
We were never alive.
Because our love was some place else.
Some place where no one could ever look.
We were just characters in that old lady’s dream, weren’t we?
Let’s break the world, you and me.
Let’s show them a piece of our dream.
Let’s show them the power of love
And what fire and water can really be.
Let’s break the world. Let’s take it down with a storm.
We must let them see the wonder that is us.
We must let them celebrate us both.
We are winners, you and me.
We are special, we both know.
Let’s help each other build a dream
You and me dreamt with our crayons.
The problem that I have noticed is that if we think before everything we do, if we think about the correct thing to do, well there’s no correct thing to do, the world is chaotic as is, and if you try to find the right answer, you won’t find any, so might as well just do what you want to do, it will be right and wrong at the same time, and maybe it will be the correct thing to do after all, whatever’s in your mind, whatever you want to do, just do it.
What else is more magical than
Listening to her darkest moments
Or watching her brightest hues?
Feeling her happiest smile
Or shouldering her in her bleakest gloom?
What else is more magical than
Allowing her inside in her most helpless fear
Or wiping her most hurtful tear?
What else is more magical than
Surrending yourself in her deepest care?
What is more magical than her?
Who are you if not for her?
Who are you if you’re not the pillow underneath her head?
What is this world?
A bunch of ******* who don’t give a **** about each other?
Why does everyone go on pretending?
I call this call centre
And the lady on the phone speaks so nicely in her sweet voice
Without any hesitation
Without any care at all
As if a robot made to read lines.
Why are you pretending to be nice when you don’t care?
Because you want some money?
Add some effort into it then.
Help your customers *******.
That is why you are hired.
I am just so sick off people.
Fake pretentious little *****.
Indifferent *******.
No wonder World Wars have broken out because some selfish ****** like you were given power.
I want that peace locket around my neck
I want that black bracelet on my wrists
I want the ocean scent in my hugs
I want my hair rustling in the wind
I want the sunny streets of Greece
I want it’s blue and white walls
I want my camera with me
I want to capture it all
I want you there beside me
Laughing through it all
I want to see you excited
I want to see you happy
I want to see us making love under the northern lights
I want a love so strong that
When oceans run dry
When sunlight doesn’t bask on people
When streets run awry
It will only be
The buildings of Greece
The summer of Italy
The canals of Vienna
And our love,
That remains as the beauty of life.
I wonder how useless our education has been
When we were taught how to look for a rainbow
But not how to ease a human heart.
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