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Amanda 4d
existing apart but cohesively
a group of wanderers
who find home in the highs
and consistency in loss

a group of wanderers
scared of heights
we don’t choose to be
which is why we fear being
Amanda 5d
she sees the world
through poetic colored glasses
that add depth to everything she sees
slow falling snow
eight letter phrases
two roads in a yellow wood
the meaning of life itself

never sure if things
are closer or further than they appear
what’s real
and what’s delusion...
i feel deeper than anyone
i have ever met
it’s hard to know if i’m sane
Amanda 5d
i found a brick or two
in the concrete jungle
and stuck them under my heart
when no one was looking

my heart finally has a foundation
for its home
it’s been an amazing
three months
in this breathtaking city
Amanda 5d
i was scared to let
the dark clouds hurt me,
feigned safety underneath
an unsturdy umbrella

wind raging from a new direction
left me exposed,
my feigned safety
bent out of sorts

scared to look up at the hellfire
i knew must be falling from the sky,
three deep breaths before
squinting at the dark clouds above

...blinded by their silver lining...
looking back down in disbelief,
collecting confetti rain
in an upside down umbrella
not everything
has to be hard,
Amanda Oct 7
i gave you to the wind
hoping it would bring you back to me
but it turns out

you really like flying
i miss the way it was
i miss you
Amanda Oct 7
the only word
more powerful than
stop using words
when you don’t know
what they mean
Amanda Oct 6
my height at rock bottom only slightly
greater than non-zero
as i laid on top of the knife he pressed
into my heart,
my mass rapidly decreasing as i lost
every last ounce of hope—
never had i been lower or emptier

but the gravity between us
you and me

falling was inevitable
you ask me how i know
that i was always going
to fall for you...
it’s science, darling

mass X height X gravity
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