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amanda 7d
skyscrapers and airplanes

two gravity-defying feats
of human brilliance and ingenuity
in an effort to get us
just a bit closer to the heavens

skyscrapers and airplanes

thousands standing mesmerized
staring down at the earth
accepting the fact
that they were about to get
just a bit closer to the heavens
our hearts are still breaking
for all of you
who never got to see
september 12th, 2001

your unnecessary deaths
are the first memory
my five-year-old brain
ever held onto

and i’ll never forget
amanda Sep 9
she realized
that her heart always
pounded harder
on the climb up
the mountain
than on the stroll back down

and i guess that’s why
she learned to
romanticize the hard—

i guess she craved the sound
of her own heartbeat
really she craved
anything that reminded her
of how rare it is
to be alive
amanda Sep 9
all things point to the fact
that in some life
if not this one
i’ll finally get to touch you
the way i’ve spent this life
and probably the past fifty
wanting to
you make a girl
want to believe in an
amanda Sep 9
i hoped
that as i grew into myself,
i would outgrow you
like a winter coat

but i stand here in autumn,
falling for her
like the changing leaves,
knowing full well
that the cold is coming again

and you still fit
amanda Sep 9
she slept behind rocks
and underneath nameless bodies
to keep warm—
staring at the mansion
across the way

a roof
and 808 windows

a mansion that was always
going to be
someone else’s home

and never hers
it doesn’t make sense to me
that some people
go to sleep without dinner
when the world
produces so much food

it seems like senseless suffering

kind of like
having to love you
amanda Aug 31
a king bed
was the only royalty
those princesses needed
to make each other
moan like queens
amanda Aug 28
i’m fairly confident
that if i sat on the moon
and looked down
at the earth

first i’d notice you
then i’d realize there are oceans
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