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manda 6h
it's an addiction
all these late nights
i knock on your door
in a winter coat
and lingerie

you intoxicate me

and i just want to tell you....
you're worth the hangover
see you tonight, darling
manda 23h
the way you
stick your tongue out at me
when i'm in the middle of talking

the way you
wink at me when i steal
the pizza crust from your plate

the way you
whisper my name
exactly when i want it

the way you
came into my life
makes me believe in fate
we’re so easy together

i crave you
at 11am on a monday
i crave you
manda 1d
mother says he’s trouble
best friend says he’s unstable
heart says he’s unattainable

only one thing’s for sure

this is about to be
what’s the saying?

so it’s gonna be forever
or it’s gonna go down in flames?

**stocking up on fire extinguishers**
manda 2d
i respect
the poeticism of winter
the silence of snowfall
the romance of burning logs
the deep introspection
born from 4pm sunsets

but ******
i want the beach
i want tan lines
and bleached hair
flip flops and sundresses
midnight walks in daisy dukes
sangria pool days
and the lack of introspection
born from 8pm sunsets
manda 4d
he’s got
a penthouse
a law firm
a scotch collection
and 15 years on me

but i’ve got something
he can’t articulate

and he comes back for it
every night
friday’s one night stand
turned into a seven night stand?

not complaining
just spilling

ta ta for now
manda 6d
my mind
can’t stop thinking about you
and my heart’s
getting nervous
keep your walls up
keep your walls up
keep your walls up
manda 6d
he tastes like the third sugar
i add to my venti coffee

over the top
but addictively sweet

and i keep telling myself that
enough is enough

but we both know
i’ll always be a three sugars
kinda gal
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