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a m a n d a Apr 20
the sad thing,
is that you would
love to hear the story
i have crafted.
honest to god.

you would adore the idea,
you really would.

and yet,
it will remain in this
strange realm
of fabulous ideas
known only to me.

and ****, what a world
i have crafted,
if only you could see.
a m a n d a Apr 20
call it what you will
i know i can create life
with just this thought
a m a n d a Apr 17
your name materialized
through sound waves
someone else's vocal chords
to my ears -
i could even feel everything connecting
an electric brain buzz from
ears to brain to eye to brain
to lips to brain to muscle to brain
to reset and reset and reset
and i did my absolute best
to take normal breaths

that particular sound
has no effect on me.
a m a n d a Apr 15
(i can, but i won't.)

i am this,
but i am also not this.

i see you
but i won't say so,
until i will.

but if i hear it,
i might feel it.
and if i feel it,
i might become it.
a m a n d a Apr 11
when someone loves you
they take you with them
as free and as far
for as long
as they
a m a n d a Mar 26
you cannot fathom
the lime green light
or what has transpired
that led you to this place.

you cannot fathom
the life eating pain
until it is upon you,
tearing you limb from limb.
a m a n d a Mar 3
has the time come?
the limit reached
max allotment for
any semblance of a thing
to remain that thing?
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