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amanda martinez Nov 2015
everyday the weather
     changes in
        my head
sometimes working together
     thoughts spin
        the storm is fed

it begins with days
     of rolling, foggy
       air; thick & mysterious
emotional rays
     illuminate groggy
        moods, exposing me: furious

winds pick up
     fast, confusion settles
         stubbornly blinding
sense of self erupts
     last petal
        still alive...binding

roots dig deep
     struggling to hold on
        as climate overpowers
attempting to keep
     thriving til its gone
        so again I can flower

because not all
     days are dull
        billowing, wild
today is fall
     colors are full
        thoughts mild

though you never
     know what the day will bring
       until you open your eyes
the mind is clever
     capable of many things
        accepting what serves & cutting foe ties
amanda martinez Oct 2015
look in the mirror,
   what do you see?
I see a girl,
   who's forgotten how to breathe.
gaze into those eyes,
   but don't fall to deep.
the depths: unfathomable,
   of all she's tried to keep.
peruse those lips,
   soft and a little bit curious.
they may draw you in,
   stimulating; seductively mysterious.
count her freckles,
   each day's sun-kiss.
wrap her up close,
   don't let her resist.
feel her heart,
   speeding up for you.
each pulse creating a melody,
   humming a song so true.
whisper in her ear,
   all that's on your mind.
be honest with her soul,
   let love be defined.
breath in and out,
   restoring her rhythm.
both hearts beat,
   a harmonious collision.
amanda martinez Sep 2015
your body close, my only heat
    I close the gap between
morning is here, sun ready to greet
    grasp me tighter, on my head you lean

I turn to meet your gaze
    kissing your face awake; slow
you open your eyes in a blissful daze
    and from those big blue eyes, love flows

the breeze trickles in
    tickling my nose
morning is ready to begin
    you twinkle your toes

wrapping myself in the covers
    you wrap yourself around me
two steadfast lovers
    together we are free
amanda martinez Aug 2014
Breathe: in…out. Lighter with each
breath. Floating like a balloon
in tune with all that has not been reached,


Bare soles covered in earth;
flourishing. Legs intertwined
in vines. A natural rebirth,


A refreshing wave from head
to toe, forming roots beneath
my feet. Skin begins to shed,

amanda martinez Jul 2014
the rain cascades, watering the soul
the sun a warrior coercing the cold
the leaves rustle, the wind blows
the sand a blanket for vacationing toes
the trees tango, the birds sing loud
the sky a canvas painted with clouds
the night falls, crisp days begin
the earth a poet to be heard; let it in
amanda martinez Jul 2014
Scrunch each of those toes...
feel every minuscule grain of sand.
The warm, salty wind blows;
time whips through each hand.

The sun will keep count…
leave another freckled kiss.
For each trial to surmount,
there will be a taste of bliss.

So let that long hair down.
Close those hope filled, heavy eyes.
Waves crash…retreat; hear each sound.
Let only the  imagination comprise.
even simplicities can be broken down into simple terms
amanda martinez Apr 2014
Hit the road baby,
the highway is calling
your name.
Don't hold back, you'd
miss out and that'd
be a shame.
There is so much
to be discovered, and a ton for
you to gain.
I'm not saying
the days aren't going to unravel
without pain...
in the end we
only have ourselves
to blame.
Both dreamers with
monkey minds, that aren't as
easily tamed.
So go on my dear,
the world is turning, there's no time
to refrain.
This love is
too strong; no doubting it will
easily sustain.
I wrote you a letter, but
it couldn't' hold all the love I'd like
it to contain.

However, I can say
one thing…I won't be
far behind.
So hold that close to
your heart as a comforting
piece of mind.
All majestic things
seemingly work out
in due time.
You know that I
love you; doesn't hurt
to remind.
The mountains are
beckoning you love...the future
will be kind.
As soon as I
get all in order, set my
life in line,
I will be on my
way; courageously
flying blind.
Soon enough our
pathes will fall in sync,
gracefully intertwined
Hit the road baby,
the final boulevard to a place our
love will shine.
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