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Dec 2017 · 481
Amanda Kay Hill Dec 2017
The water that
Flow in the river
The wind that
Blow on a hot
To cold you down
The beautiful sunset
A cardinal that fly
In your backyard
The beautiful sunrise
In the morning
A doves that you
See when you
Ask for something
Peace and love
And hope
God the father
And the savior
Jesus Christ
And the Holy Spirit
© Amanda Kay Hill
Dec 2017 · 496
Memorial Day
Amanda Kay Hill Dec 2017
Today is a day to
Remember those who
Fight for our country
Memorial Day
Is a day to remember
Those who fight for
Our country who has
Lost their life fight
For our freedom
And there who has
Fight for our country
That has passed away
People think that
Memorial Day
Is for the ones that
Lost their life fighting
For our country but
Any person that fight
For our country that
As passed away because
They still fought for our
Country and our freedom
Both of my grandpa was
Is war world 2 so thank you
Whose fought for our
Country and freedom
Memorial Day
© Amanda Kay Hill
Dec 2017 · 1.8k
Amanda Kay Hill Dec 2017
We are
Walking on a
Call life and
Sometimes the
Is a bumpy
Or sometime the
Is a smooth
But when the
Is a bumpy
Ride you just
Have to have faith
In God and trust
That he is there
To help you
And the
We walk on
Is not always
Easy sometimes the
Is hard we try to
Our best to stay
Faithful to God
Some time we sin
And sometimes we
Give up hope and
Fall in to the dark
God never promise the
To be a easy ride but
He say trust me and
You will be okay because
I am here for you to talk
To and to pray to I will
Help you walk on the
That will hopefully
Leave you to me in heaven
If you don't go to the dark side
And not let me help you so all
I asked is to have faith and believe
In me the savior and the creator of
Heaven and earth and I am also
Will love you unconditionally
And never give up on you
My children so just take deep
Breath and just let me help you
On you walk on it
That is called life and a journey
To a beautiful place called heaven
© Amanda Kay Hill
Dec 2017 · 615
Amanda Kay Hill Dec 2017
Our savior died on the
For our sins he knows what
Our sins was before
We were born
Jesus carry the
All the way to were
He die on the
For all of us even
The people that have
Not yet feel the love of God
For all our sins
He didn't have to
Die on the
For us but he did
Because he wants
Us to be free of our
Sins and when we
Sin we go to confession
Because when we tell
The priest our sin we
Are telling God ours
Sins because the priest
Are God working in the
Priest the sins are forgot
By God and he will come
Back to judge the
Living and the die
© Amanda Kay Hill
Dec 2017 · 398
Service dogs
Amanda Kay Hill Dec 2017
They are smart
They help people
To things that they
Need help with
Service dogs
Some are train for
People that are deaf or
Hard of hearing they
Help them to hear things
Some are train for people
Who have seizures they
Help them when they have
Seizure some are train for
People who have pst they
Help them to clam down
Some are train for people
Who have autism they
Help them to meet new
People some are train for
People who have diabetes
They help them by sensing
When the blood sugar is low
Some are train for people who
Have balance problems they
Help them with their balance
By letting them to hold
To them when you walk
Service dogs
Some are shelters dogs
All the dogs that are
Service dogs
Are awesome dogs
Service dogs
© Amanda Kay Hill
May 2017 · 430
Amanda Kay Hill May 2017
Are beautiful
Insects they
Come in different
Size some are
Big and some are
Medium there also
Come in different colors
Some are Orange and
Some are Pink and
Some are lime green
They are beautiful
I enjoy watching
Flying around outside
In they national habits
And all the colors and
I enjoy being out
In the nature
© Amanda Kay Hill
May 2017 · 388
Amanda Kay Hill May 2017
Is a planet which
God create he create
So we can have some
Where to live and to tell
Everyone the word of God
He don't create the
To be destroyed by us
He want us to respect the
And everyone on the
And enjoy the outdoors
And with God create and
He also create heaven so
When our time does come
To go home with ours Lord
Jesus Christ savior so our
Spirit can live on forever
In eternity so respect the
And happy earth day
© Amanda Kay Hill
May 2017 · 373
Amanda Kay Hill May 2017
Is so green
There in
They have river
Dancing and the
Irish music is the
Great music and
The accent are
Awesome accent
Is amazing place
And every Mach
17 they throw ST
Patrick's day party
And huge celebration
Irish music is awesome
Music and the landscape
Is so beautiful
© Amanda Kay Hill
May 2017 · 287
Amanda Kay Hill May 2017
I am standing on
My exercise
Bike I can
High up in
The sky I can
The clouds
Let jump off
And let ride the
Clouds and sleep
On the clouds
High up in the sky
© Amanda Kay Hill  
Apr 2017 · 1.1k
Lime green
Amanda Kay Hill Apr 2017
Is a beautiful bright
Color it is neon color
Lime green
Lime green
You see lime green
Car and phone charger
And paint and many more
I love to se the color lime green
It is a peaceful color and it is one
Of my favorite color my other favorite
Color is orange I love to see them both
Together lime green and orange
© Amanda Kay Hill
Apr 2017 · 238
Heart to heart
Amanda Kay Hill Apr 2017
Sister are connect
Heart to heart
Sister are you first
Best friend they understand
You and know how
you are feeling
Sister will always be
your best friend
You might laugh together
or cry together
Or fight but sister
always have each other
Back sister are joined
Heart to heart
© Amanda Kay Hill
Apr 2017 · 297
Amanda Kay Hill Apr 2017
Are awesome animals
They are funny and they
Can make you
Slime and laugh
They run around
They help people with
Special needs and they
Can tell when something
Is wrong and they can you
When someone is a bad person
© Amanda Kay Hill
Apr 2017 · 261
Old days
Amanda Kay Hill Apr 2017
She rides the
Train into town
Old days
Old days
Her mother ask her
To go into town to
Get some medicines
And orange juice
Then she hopped
Back on to the train
And going back home
To her mother
At the farm,
After she got
Home and she
Went to go
Milk the cows and
Collect the chicken
Eggs and put some
In the hatcher and
Some in the refrigerator
Old days
© Amanda Kay Hill
Apr 2017 · 265
Amanda Kay Hill Apr 2017
Is a beautiful
Color there are
Lots of things that are
Flowers and sometimes
There are purple and orange
Sunset are peaceful and relaxing
My best friend Poetess Cherisse Powers
Favorite color is
© Amanda Kay Hill
Apr 2017 · 1.1k
Amanda Kay Hill Apr 2017
Is addiction but
It is a fun website
There is a lots of
Cool stuff on Facebook
Like awesome video and
Saying and quotes I like
It is a good way to stay
In touch with you friend
And family Facebook change
A lots of times but that is ok
I will get used to the new layout
© Amanda Kay Hill
Apr 2017 · 250
Best friend
Amanda Kay Hill Apr 2017
Me and Amanda Rarick
Best friend
Are best friends and
Like a sister for
different mother
Best friend
Best friend
We have been
Best friend
For 8 years we
Also play special
Olympic basketball
In high school in Burkburnett
Texas me and Amanda Rarick
Have been to good and bad
Together she has been there
For me in bad and good times
I has been there for her in bad
And good times and we can
FaceTime for hours and we
Text each other every
another day she my
Bestie sis we been
there for each other
I am bless to have her
In my life and to be her
Best friend
I love you so very much
and I miss you so very much
Amanda Rarick
©Amanda Kay Hill
Apr 2017 · 210
Amanda Kay Hill Apr 2017
Hiking in the
I walk up the
Wood stair to
The top of the
Mountain seeing
Red leaves and
Beautiful aspen
Trees and seeing
Deers and bears
© Amanda Kay Hill
Apr 2017 · 295
Wild horses
Amanda Kay Hill Apr 2017
They run on the top
Of the mountain
Wild horses
Wild horses
Wild horses
They run on the top
Of the mountain
With wind blowing
Tough their mares
So free and the
Top of the mountain
I wish I was a wild horses
So free on top of the mountain
© Amanda Kay Hill
Apr 2017 · 200
Amanda Kay Hill Apr 2017
God is love
he is the savior
God is love
He is the creator
Of earth and heaven
God is love
He made us the
Way we are and
I proud to be me
God is love
He love everyone
God is love
God is peace
God is hope
© Amanda Kay Hill
Apr 2017 · 203
Amanda Kay Hill Apr 2017
A woman walking
She walk in the room
She saw a door but it is
Not you normal door
The door leaves into a
Mystery world there is
A house on top of a
Mountain that floating
And there are wolfs but
The wolfs is not your
Normal wolfs they are
The sizes of a horse and
The horses is part human
There are also gnomes
One of them come up
The woman and say hi
My name is Bob the woman
Say nice to meet you my name
Is faith and what is this place Bob
Say this place is called snowfall
And it is a magical place
© Amanda Kay Hill
Apr 2017 · 352
Our love story
Amanda Kay Hill Apr 2017
We hear about
Others love story
Our love story
Is my favorite
I remember one
Day I post a picture
On facebook and
Don't think of
Anything to come
Out of it I just did
For fun and I say
Let see if I get
Any comment and
Likes then after I
Post the picture on
Facebook I saw I had
A comment on the picture
The comment was for you
Nick you say " 3. I'd date you
18. I love you 14. Amazing 7. Beautiful
I was like I had to comment back and
Tell you I feel the same way then after
I post the picture we Facebook message
Each other for 3 weeks then you give me
You phone number and I give you
my phone number we text and
call each other for 4 weeks
Then we FaceTime each
other for 6 weeks then
One day you ask me out over FaceTime
you say " we have lot thing in
common do you want to be
My girlfriend and I say " I will love to
be you girlfriend we start dating April 23,2015 at 10:30pm
We have amazing time together we share awesome
memories together I will keep them
safe tick in my heart I miss you
dearly and I know you are in heaven
with God ours savior and I know will we
Be together again someday for eternal life but
Until then I will follow my dreams and you live in
My heart until we meet again someday I was blessed
To had been you girlfriend and I was blessed to also
Know you nick
Our love story
© Amanda Kay Hill
Apr 2017 · 250
Amanda Kay Hill Apr 2017
They are always
There for you
They migth tease
You but that what
For but they will
Always be there
For you and they
Will always have you
Back and they will always
Protect their sister
They are blessing from God
© Amanda Kay Hill
Apr 2017 · 183
Remebering JD
Amanda Kay Hill Apr 2017
You was a good
Dog you was
My best friend
Remembering JD
I remember when I was
Young I used to dress you
In baby clothing and used to
Push you in a baby doll stroller
You let me push you in the baby
Stroller and dress you in baby clothing
And I used to put hats on you
Remedmbering JD
You are gone but not forgotten
You and the memories we share
Will be safe tick in my heart I
Always remember you JD you
Will always be in my heart forever
I know you are up in heaven with
Precious and my grandpa you are
Runnig free with Precious and you
Meet my boyfriend Nick I love you
And miss you so much everday JD
Remembering JD
© Amanda Kay Hill
Feb 2017 · 318
Big heart
Amanda Kay Hill Feb 2017
Nick and Brad
They might be
Little but they
Have a very
Big heart
Big heart
They love to
Help others out
We others need
Help they was kind
To others they do not
Judge others they show
Peace to everyone they
Meet on their journey on
Earth they also like playing
Basketball together they was
Best friend they was like brother
Form a different mother they talk
About basketball and college
Football they are together again
In heaven playing basketball and
Having a one great big party up in
Heaven they also lived life to the
Fullest they touch lot of heart they
Both were a zen master they
Will be miss dearly but they
Memories will live in all the hearts
They touch on their journey on earth
Big heart
© Amanda Kay Hill
Feb 2017 · 7.3k
Beautiful sunset
Amanda Kay Hill Feb 2017
Walking on the
Beach watching
The peaceful ocean
Beautiful sunset
Beautiful sunset
I sit down and just take
In the beautiful view I
Just listing to waves
Hitting the shores and
Take in the beautiful
Beautiful sunset
It is blue and purple
You can see the sun
Going behind the
Ocean and the birds
Flying in the sunset
And the beautiful palm
Trees oh how relaxing
Is it to look at the
Beautiful sunset
© Amanda Kay Hill
Feb 2017 · 305
Brown house
Amanda Kay Hill Feb 2017
I am driving on
I-25 in Fort Collins
Colorado and I see a
Brown house
Brown house
Old little house on I-25
I wonder what the
Brown house
Will say it has a story
To say I bet you some
Of the story it have to
Tell are interesting stories
And it has see a lot of things
In it years and sunrise and sunset
I love driving by the little brown house
And see the sunset behind the little
Brown house
@ Amanda Kay Hill
Feb 2017 · 210
Amanda Kay Hill Feb 2017
She the angel
Of Animals she
She talks to animals
She is the animals
Whisper she know
What they want she
Saw the animals
Love and is kind to
Them she is a animals
© Amanda Kay Hill
Feb 2017 · 517
Amanda Kay Hill Feb 2017
I have a flame
Inside me that
Is burning for
There is fire
Inside me that
Is burning so big
For Jesus Christ
Ours savior he love
Us unconditionally
And forever protect us
I am not ashamed of
God ours savior he
Create heaven and earth
He die for us and he create
Us the we are everyone is
Different and that is ok because
That how God create us to be
We I listen to Christen music
The flames get bigger and go
Up and up when I listen to Christen
Music or read the Bible I now at the
Lord ours savior is walking with me
And he love me unconditionally he is
Peace and kindness he wants
us to show peace to everyone
We meet along the way and
Be kind to each other
© Amanda Kay Hill
Feb 2017 · 786
Valentine day
Amanda Kay Hill Feb 2017
It is almost
Valentine day
I look up at the sky
And wish you where still here
With me it year is ******* me
Valentine day
Valentine day
You are in heaven and you are
Still here in spirit but I just wish
I can see you and I wish God gives us
More time together because we have
Not dated for long we only have dated
For 1 year and not long enough together
But enough to make awesome memories
Together I will treasure the memories we
Share they will be in my heart I am blessed
To had been your girlfriend you where the
Best boyfriend Nick I am blessed to had
Know you and I remember the day when
I saw you in college I was in the dorm lobby
I say hi my name is Amanda  and you say
Hi my name is Nick I say nice to meet you
And you say you too I just wish I was not
Afraid of asking you if you like me back in
College because if I was not afraid of asking if
You like me and found out you like me the
Same way we will had been dating back in
College but I was scar and did not ask you
If you like me but I remember the day you
Ask me out over facetime on April 23, 2015
You say  " so we have a lot in common do
You want to be my girlfriend" and I say
Yes I will love to be you girlfriend it all
Started with a picture I post on Facebook
You comment on the picture saying 1. I will
date you 2. You are beautiful 3. You are sweet
I was like I have to comment you back and tell
You I feel the same way and we started Facebook
Messenger after I post the picture on Facebook for
5 weeks then we text each other about 8 weeks then
We facetime each other for 6 weeks then April 23,
2015 we started dating and I remember our first
date we went to see Finding Dory and our 2 date
We saw Secret Life Of Pets then we got dinner I also
Remember you cooked me dinned when I was at you
Dad house and before I leave to go back home you give
Me a big hug and I kiss you on top of your head and tell
You I love you so very much on August 19, 2016 and we
Also have our first kiss and last kiss before I went on my
Cruise September 8, 2016  I come back September 17, 2016
And find out that you passed away from a heart attack on
September 14, 2016 at 2:00am when I went to funeral I just
Wish you sit up and come back to life I just can not believe
You are in heaven I miss you so very much I think about you
Everyday and I know I will see you again someday so I hope
You have a wonderful valentine day up in heaven
So happy valentine day in heaven my love
© Amanda Kay Hill
Feb 2017 · 2.7k
Amanda Kay Hill Feb 2017
You can recycle a
Lot of things like
Papers and cans
And boxes can be
When you recycle
You can fun and
Makes a games out of
So you kids recycle
That a young age and
If you make it fun they
Love to recycle and
They will continue to
In their adulthood
And they also teach
Their kids too recycle
And to save the only
Planet earth we have
To live on and we all
Share it so if we all
Do are part we can
Save it planet for the
Future kids and make
The air saver to breathe
In fresh air and have not
Worry about get
sick from the air
© Amanda Kay Hill
Feb 2017 · 2.9k
My little princess
Amanda Kay Hill Feb 2017
Little princess
Little princess
She is my everything,
she is wrap around
my little pinky
Little princess
Little princess
Little princess
She is my everything,
she is wrap around my little
pinky she is my world she
is my little princess and
she is daddy little girl.
© Amanda Kay Hill
Jan 2017 · 355
Amanda Kay Hill Jan 2017
When you read the
Bible or list to a christian
Music and know that god the
Is here with us in spirit he
Is every where you look he
Is in the wind and in everyone
you meet some are messager  
Of god he send messages to us
To inspire others and share the
Word of god the lord
He is the savior and god
And the holy spirit and the
lord Jesus Christ he will
Never let us down he will
Forever protect us and he
Love us unconditional and he
Love everyone he is the
Creator of earth and heaven
© Amanda Kay Hill
Jan 2017 · 1.1k
Amanda Kay Hill Jan 2017
They are green little
Guys some are females
And some are males
They come in peace
And will not hurt us
That what alien movie
Teach us that they come
In peace but I know alien
Are not real but I let to
Imagine if alien was real
Will they be nice or mean
In your imagination that be
Nice or mean it to you if they
Nice or mean because anything
Can happen in your imagination
That you what do happen in your
© Amanda Kay Hill
Jan 2017 · 266
Amanda Kay Hill Jan 2017
Life is a canvas
You can paint
Anything you what
It is life to paint
What every you want
To paint but make
Sure what you are paint
is a beautiful life that
The memories that going
To alive on once you journey
Is done here on earth and
Make sure it inspire others
To want to live life to the fullness
© Amanda Kay Hill
Inspired by a movie called Meet my valentine
Jan 2017 · 914
No tomorrow
Amanda Kay Hill Jan 2017
What if their
A asteroid that
Is going to hurt
The earth and we
Have 9 mount to
What we want to do
No tomorrow
No tomorrow
What will you to do
Will you go skydiving
Or go see the north light
In Alaska or go skiing in
Canada and live your life
To the fullness but what
About there is no asteroid  
That is going to hit earth
Will you still live your
Life to the fullness
Because you do not
Know how long we
Have on earth and
Anything can happen
So do you want to live
Your life to the fullness
Or are you going to live
Your life just sitting and
Working because we all
Deserves to fun and be
Crazy it is right to be
Crazy once in a while
And enjoy yourself and
Do what every make you
Heart beat fast and be a
Daredevil every in once
A while and life like there is
No tomorrow
© Amanda Kay Hill
Inspired by the TV show called No tomorrow
Jan 2017 · 295
Amanda Kay Hill Jan 2017
I want to dive on the
All night long and not
Look back I just want to go
So fast that I can feel the
Wind in my hair and
Just think about stuff
I have a lot on my mind
I lost my mind since the
Day my boyfriend passed
Away I just some time what
To **** myself and not go
On with life anymore
I just can not to it anymore
I miss my love so much
The pain is burning inside
I think about you everyday
© Amanda Kay Hill
Jan 2017 · 5.7k
Special needs
Amanda Kay Hill Jan 2017
Yes I have a disability
Special needs
I don't let my disability
Rule my life I might have
A disability but it doesn't
Defines me because it is
Not what I am as a person
I have a disability but I am
Humans too I get sad and
Mad too I can be mad at
God but I not mad at god
Because he creates people
With disabilities to teach others
You do have to be perfect because
The way you are is perfect to god
Yes I am a child of god people with
Disabilities are gifts from god I am
I fine that I am different because
Everyone is different and unique
In there own way on ones are the
Same because that how god want
It because he see everyone as beautiful
And he love everyone unconditionally
I am blessed to have a good friends and family
In my life and I am believe in god ours savior
© Amanda Kay Hill
Jan 2017 · 215
Amanda Kay Hill Jan 2017
Your mind is a
Garden your thoughts
Are the seeds you can
Grow flowers or you grow
Weeds that is you decision
To make it up to you what
They come be positive like a
Flowers or they be negative
Like a weeds it is up to you
What you do with your thoughts
Be always kind and help others
© Amanda Kay Hill
Jan 2017 · 227
About me
Amanda Kay Hill Jan 2017
Hi my name is Amanda
There something I need
To get of my chest
About me
About me
I have been holding
It in way to long
Way to long
My boyfriend passed away
He passed away form a heart attack
On September 14, 2016 he was 24 year old
My Uncle passed away form cancer on April
3, 2016 he was 73 year old there is light at
End of the tunnel just have faith in god
there is someone out there that is going
Though the same pain as you I
Know because I was on Facebook
I was on a page called Forever In My Heart-
Touching quotes poems and someone post
That they lost 4 people in 3 years together I
Was like someone get what I am going tough
They are watching over us from heaven and
Protect us they hear us and see us crying and
Know that we miss them and if you got a
Job promotion they know you got a job
Promotion if they were here they will
Say that they are proud of you I know
Because my boyfriend and uncle know
I get on the special Olympic basketball team
and proud of me and my first game they will
Cheer me up in heaven  
About me
© Amanda Kay Hill
Jan 2017 · 242
Amanda Kay Hill Jan 2017
I am keeping a secret
That no one knows
I miss my boyfriend
And can not tell anyone
Because they will be like
You need to move on but
I just can not move on I miss
You since the day you passed
Away I think about you everyday
I just do not know if I can go on
But I know you want me to go on
And follow my dreams and touch as
Many life's I can I love you so very much
And miss you very so much my love
I know I will see you again and we
Be together again someday
© Amanda Kay Hill
Jan 2017 · 787
Geyser bear
Amanda Kay Hill Jan 2017
I hike up to the
Top of the mountain
Geyser bear
Geyser bear
I enjoy going hiking
On the mountain
And seeing beautiful
Pine trees on the and
Geyser bear
Catching fish in the river
They stand on the top of
The waterfall patient waiting
For a fish to jump out of the
Water then gaze catching fish
With their paws and mouth they
Just stand there waiting for a
Fish to jump out of the water
It is so cool seeing geyser bear
Catching fish with their
Paws and mouth
Geyser bear
© Amanda Kay Hill
Jan 2017 · 2.6k
Oklahoma Thunder
Amanda Kay Hill Jan 2017
They are a good team
They come in like a thunder
Storm they play with all their
Heart they go out like
A thunder storm
Oklahoma thunder
Oklahoma thunder
They might win some games
They might lose some games
But they are a wonderful team
Oklahoma thunder
Players play like a team they
Will always be my 2 favorite
NBA team my first favorite
NBA team are Denver nuggets
Oklahoma thunder
© Amanda Kay Hill
Jan 2017 · 1.5k
Amanda Kay Hill Jan 2017
It stand for National
Basketball Association
There is a lots of teams
That play in the
Basketball teach us to
play as a team and
To be a team player
It gives us determinations
Gives us a good feeling
Because you can to
Anything you what
To never give up
© Amanda Kay Hill
Jan 2017 · 270
Amanda Kay Hill Jan 2017
Do you ever feel like
The person that are
No longer here with
us you feel their
present with you
I believe when we
Put something like
A picture on a desk
Or a memory box or
A wall and it move to
A different spot I believe
That the person you love
That are not here they are in
Heaven I believe they move
Picture to show us that there
Are still here in spirit
© Amanda Kay Hill
Jan 2017 · 276
Amanda Kay Hill Jan 2017
He created us
The way we are
He love us unconditional
He die on the cross
For us and he will
Come back again he will forever
protect us and
He is the only one
who know we are
time is up on earth and
to come home to Jesus
our saver lord
© Amanda Kay Hill
Jan 2017 · 269
Amanda Kay Hill Jan 2017
We all have a calling
To do on earth
We all will find ours
That we are pushed to
Do it might be to be a
Poetess or a speaker or
A singer what ever it
Is you will find yours
calling when the
Time is right I believe
I found my calling it is
To inspired others though
My poems and touch others
Life though my poems
© Amanda Kay Hill
Jan 2017 · 1.8k
Colorado rain
Amanda Kay Hill Jan 2017
Colorado rain
Sitting inside hearing
the rain hitting the roof
Colorado rain
Colorado rain
Colorado rain
Sitting inside hearing
the rain hitting the roof
and having the windows
open and painting enjoy
the rain smell I love the
smell of the rain and
hearing the rain
hitting the roof
Colorado rain
Colorado rain
I love seeing the rainbow
after a rainstorm and
the colors seeing the
rainbow is so
relaxing and peaceful
Colorado rain
© Amanda Kay Hill
Jan 2017 · 1.0k
Lilly pop
Amanda Kay Hill Jan 2017
Oh lilly pop you
Taste so good
Lilly pop
Lilly pop
Oh Lilly pop you
have a lot of colors
In a circle Lilly pop
I enjoy eating you
Lilly pop
©  Amanda Kay Hill
Jan 2017 · 1.8k
Northern lights
Amanda Kay Hill Jan 2017
Looking up at the
sky and seeing
the Northern lights
Northern lights
Northern lights
Looking up at the sky
and seeing the northern
lights and seeing the
beautiful colors up in
the sky it is
peaceful and calming
Northern lights
I love seeing the
beautiful colors like
purple, lime green,
pink and baby blue
seeing the cool up in
the sky is cool and
amazing northern lights
Northern lights
Seeing the mooses and
the northern lights
behind the mooses
© Amanda Kay Hill
Jan 2017 · 471
Amanda Kay Hill Jan 2017
Looking in to the
mirror and seeing
the person i
have be come
Looking in to the
mirror and seeing the
person I have be come
and I am proud of the
person I have be come
© Amanda Kay Hill
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