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Amanda Goodness Jul 2019
I am stuck in that moment right before a fall
Right before the glass shatters
Right before an impact hits
Right before jagged edges sink their teeth
Right before.

I am stuck.

It dawned on me that it's no where near dawn.
I'm trying to be realistic and holistic, but the logistics are dualistic.
Amanda Goodness Dec 2018
My train of thought fell off the tracks.
I burned that bridge before I even got to it.
How the **** is it only Tuesday?
Amanda Goodness Dec 2018
I’m not quite sure what i should do.
I guess I’ll just lay here and wait for a storm
To pick me up and carry me away.
Maybe to the ocean?
We’ll sea.

If I’m drifting around, struggling to coast to a coast.
Will you send me a message in a bottle?
Not a map, just some encouraging words.

If you figure it out, please tell me before you tell everyone.
The weight of the world won’t wait.
An endless possibilty is a constraint.

There might be fire in my dragon eyes,
But it clouds my vision
With the smoke of an abandoned factory.
I’m seeing into the past
With restoration to when we thought this boom would last.
Success did not **** the life out of you,
You spit it out.

I said if you figured it out, please tell me before everyone.
That was supposed to be half the fun.
I’m not sure of the shore anymore.
Amanda Goodness Dec 2018
It’s like the lights have gone out
I’m frantically trying to remember the exact position
Of everything that’s ever crossed paths with my existance.

This isn’t Pangea anymore.
Too drunk for this?
Amanda Goodness Dec 2018
Don’t you dare.
You knew **** well right where to find me.

I don’t have to hide in plain sight.
No “welcome home dear”? No “nice to see you again“?
Amanda Goodness Dec 2018
I can find all the right words when i have nothing to say.
I arrange them in boxes and push them aside.
When I know the truth, I feel that I’ve lost
Something bigger than words, at a much greater price.
You always have the right words, and I bet that feels so good.
I am so confused by how you’re always understood.
Amanda Goodness Dec 2018
It's definitely easier to be creative than constructive.
I can plant the seeds and draw the plans,
But nothing will ever come to fruition.
I'm not a woman of action,
I'm a woman of movement and superstition.

I would press fast forward right about now.
No need to see how this one plays out,
Just to see if it does actually play out.

Funny enough, I've pressed play too many times before I realized I cannot slow this back down.
I can't see what's right in front of me until I'm right in front of it.
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