Poco de todo
Means a little of everything
To bring together the sum total
Krishna, Ganesh, Jesus, a king

Is the universe not but a tormented struggle
Or can fleeting moments of bliss
Eradicate the benign human trouble
With bits and pieces of starbursts

When I pray, is it a reflection
Of my love for the omnipotent
Or simply a sign of my self-affection
Allowing me to remain sated and content

With self delusion of love for Spirit
And the question remains
Is this all there is
To be bound by mortal chains
Amanacer Nov 9
You will know that you were loved
By a latin lover when you no longer are
Because you will long for their touch
Intense gaze, boundless passion and fire

Your nights will be filled with dreams
Longing for what you will never have again
Remembrances of bodies moving in time
Countless nights of angelic blessings and delightful sin

When your latin lover kisses you goodbye
Bid farewell to the flame
That will follow you to your grave
To the longing that you will forever crave

Adios amor
Amanacer Oct 10
You forgot that we were lovers
Before I was your wife
You stopped making love to me
I was not important in your life

I’m not referring to the ***
That was always good
It was the other things
Things that would

Let me know you cared
That I was your one and only
Those things we once shared
Were no more and I was lonely

And though I wasn’t happy
You know I never strayed
I tried to be the strong one
And so I stayed

Baby, you tried in your own way
And worked to take care
Of your obligations
But we never had a prayer

You thought that being a success
Was your ability to provide
An in your haste to succeed
You pushed me aside

So after all these years
All of the dust has settled
The money disappeared
The playing field has been levelled

I am left without your love
You are without mine
But if I had to do it all again my love
I would marry you again
Amanacer Oct 9
I loved you before we met
Yet you took me by surprise
The first time I held you
And gazed into Morgan eyes

Blue the same as mine
Yet so very non-identical
Just like you my daughter
You are one of a kind - authentical

Quirky, clever, kind
Proud to call you mine
Yet so much more than I
My gift to you is your bloodline

You come from a line of women
Courageous, tenacious and wild
As far back as I can remember
These women all had blue eyes

You are blessed with a Warrior Spirit girl
The gift of a very wise soul
I am honored to be the deliverer
Of a child so precious and bold

You vibe magenta and turquoise
Breathe in your vast power
Inhaling into your senses
Love and golden rain showers

Blessings my sweet Sara
For this birthday and all
Be happy be joyful be grateful
October 27th 2018 and all
Amanacer Sep 23
Jazz in Monterey
What can I say?
The notes float to heaven
A stairway away

The full moon shone
Our mines excessively blown
The notes float to heaven
Where the angels moan

Baboom BaBoom BaBoom
The notes float to heaven
She will hear them soon

And *** must weep
Tears of joy -- and keep
The notes that float to heaven
As she drifts gently to sleep
#MJF61 #jazz #ecstasy #nirvana
Amanacer May 15
Tinder, POF or Match
To find myself a catch
Wish I may wish I might
Find a fine man tonight

Desperately seeking
Faces peeking
Longing longing
For some belonging

But what I need
Is not to read
One more profile
With one more smile

Or picture of his kids
Or the car he claims is his
Cuddling with his pug
Giving mom a hug

Tonight I want a lover
Someone to discover
The woman inside of me
Longing to be free

If only for a night
And when the time is right
I will login one more time
And peruse those gents sublime
Amanacer May 11
My lips
Miss your kiss
My eyes
Miss your thighs

My heart
Misses your parts
My body
Misses your cocky

I wish you were here tonight
Lying in the bright moonlight
We could dissolve away together
Like we did in the desert

To laugh and talk and devour
To stay up for many hours
To make love all day long
Feeling like I belong

In your arms
Our bodies close and warm
Opening my eyes to the sight of you
Reveling in the impromptu
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