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Raj Arumugam
Australia    ..been thinking in the language of poetry and scribbling verse from as early as I can recall of my days...FLASHBACK: born naked in India in ...
India    Interested in reading poems and translations and write as well. Published 2 collections of poems in Malayalam.
Petal pie
Brighton, England    Loopy lady loves to muse and converse with others, writes amateur odes from time to time. I love flowers, my kids, making things, my job ...
Ingrid Ohls
Guelph, ON    I write to help myself think things through, I can't verbalize myself well. It is just an added bonus if someone like how or what ...
Claire Davis
part of you pours out of me in these lines from time to time.
Nick Durbin
Ohio    I have missed the joys of writing in recent years, but am glad to have found this avenue and community to indulge in my love ...
Vancouver    Hi! I write stuffs. tumblr: ladyfunnybones
"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past." - F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby
Julia Rae Irvine
Nebraska    "We don't read and write poetry because it's cute; We read and write poetry because we are members of the Human Race." -John Keating, Dead ...
Alfred Vassallo
England    Born 11/04/56 in Malta Alfred produced and directed several plays as a semi-professional. He wrote various radio plays and documentaries for radio, and poetry. His ...
Portland Grace
23/F    I feel things a lot
Tanika Lee
South Africa    I'm a 16 year old aspiring writer, poet, Tom Waits fan, feminist, and part time crocodile hunter (okay, maybe not the last one...).
Russian blood, English home.
Hannah Elisabeth Johnston
when things go wrong... don't go with them.
F    Im kat. Living life one step at a time... Wanting to speak for those who wont. Ready to say what's up... Haha World is crazy... ...
Ashlyn Kriegel
Minneapolis, MN   
Sophie Herzing
Move with me. Welcome to my confessions.
erin anderson
Canada    are you existing, or living?
Multicolored Eyes
28/F/California    Hello! My name is Ɛli. I don't post as much anymore, but I'll pop in every so often if I get re-inspired to write. *All ...
New York, New York    Doctoral candidate at Columbia University
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