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Alyssa O May 2013
Passion in your heart
Radiance and rapture
A part of your soul

The light in the distance
A symbol of home and of hope
Burning embers, a glow in the night

Far beneath our feet
A scorching inferno of magma
The life blood of our planet

The sun and the stars
Flames hung in the sky
Illuminating day through night

A flickering warmth
By the bedside of a child
Candlelight keeping the shadows away

Renewal of the Earth
A phoenix from the ashes
Rising to a new beginning
This is an extended metaphor poem
Alyssa O Apr 2013
I am from the outdoors
from Febreeze and smoked salmon
I am from the snow covered hills
and the ice covered lakes
I am from the crowded hockey rink
the cheers and jeers
and the season ticket seats
familiar and worn

I'm from hunting and fishing
from Stacy and Layne
I'm from the military
and bad eyesight
from " 'Merica!", "Let's get DOWN!"
and raps about vicious kitties
I'm from Def Leppard, George Strait
and the Beach Boys

I'm from Hacienda and Chili's
caribou sausage and moose jerky
From the fishing hook my dad
stuck in his finger
The collarbone my brother broke on the ice... twice

This is where I come from
These things are my past
and my present
But the future is in the distance
around the bend
beyond the horizon
And I am eager for it to come
This is a piece written for a school assignment
Alyssa O Apr 2013
It is a different kind of grief
The grief of a survivor
The pain of the only one left

Doubts fill your mind
Why should you live
When friends have died

Guilty emotions by day
Gore-filled memories by night
They're always there

Gashes mend
And bruises fade
But the scars on your heart remain

Some wounds can't be seen
Can't be healed
Can't be bandaged and cured

Words spoken
Not able to describe
The anguish

You hear echoes of their hopes and dreams
Of beautiful, wonderful tomorrows
That never came

You relive those last moments
The agonizing screams
The dying men on floors slick with blood

Your life will forever be filled
With that melancholy heartache
The guilt of the only survivor
This poem was inspired by Marius from the movie/book/play Les Miserables.
Alyssa O Nov 2012
The bitter taste of resentment
As the dish of revenge grows colder
Waiting, watching, planning
As you get older and older

You stall until the perfect moment
When he will pay for the things he's done
As the time strikes, you pounce
And after all that time you've won

Your patience has finally paid off
His breath no longer taints the air
He's gone from this world forever
It's his own fault that no one cares
Inspired by the quote "Revenge is a dish best served cold." -Shakespeare
Alyssa O Nov 2012
Thoughts, hopes, dreams
My deepest secrets hidden forever
A place to put my soul's desires
My heart bound up in leather

A journal full of heartbreak
Gossip of couples that just got together
Drama, crushes, and unfair teachers
My heart bound up in leather

Pages filled with independence
No longer being kept on a tether
Life's journey down in writing
My heart bound up in leather
Alyssa O Nov 2012
I am not welcome
But to those
Who want to hide

Who want to be held
In my frigid
Whispy arms

Lost in the depths
Of a soft
Floating cloud

The thick
Moist cloak
That veils the earth

The eerie
Beautiful covering
Wavering and hovering

I am the mist
Alyssa O Nov 2012
What is a heart
But a thing to be broken
A place to hold thoughts
That are never spoken

An annoyance, a nuisance
It makes you blind
It fights for control
Over a logical mind

So I close off my feelings
To hide from hurt
I become quiet, soft-spoken
A lonely introvert
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