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Alysia Marie Jul 6
I’ve known then that I shouldn’t have hid
words that were pierced by with my tongue
Kept inside these jagged lines
racing across the paper as I hummed-

The tone of the song that brought me near
to the chambers where you’ve kept
Your heart guarded by thorns imagining all-
of the days where you’ve held me as I’ve slept

Yet for those pins that’ve pricked my mind
I hid and cowled away
Running from past mistakes and craved-
to see light of another day

But with these dancing crooked lines,
like the ones of which I spoke
I’ve pushed you into the depths of a realm-
where I’d barely exist outside of hope

I try to right my wrongs undone
by sharing in the entirety
Of what I should’ve sang so long ago-
left only for you to flee

So with this coward of who I am
hiding pains within my greaves
I take it all and shatter that thread of words-
for you’ve meant everything to me

                       Alysia Marie 2019
I’ve tried to right my wrongs by starting anew- by sharing what I was hiding for so long

Yet within those words I seemed to have lost what I was trying to save

That is all.
Alysia Marie Mar 26
I feel her eyes upon me
Digging into my soul
I can't run from this pain
Simply losing control
For she's force-fed
These demons
There's a loss in my hair
From the stress that's upon me
As if she's always been there
But that's not true
No it can't be
I'm losing my mind
For she's claimed you
I'm wishing I was blind
So I can't see
These tricks on me
She's messing with my head
Like a puppet
Maneuvering my limbs with a thread
And I hate it
I shun it
Lock it up tight in a box
But it calls me
It haunts me
Am I not enough?
For you've told me
You've shown me
How I was your world
But can that be the truth now?
Was there always another girl?

                       ­          Alysia Marie 2018 ©
(Written Dec. 31st. 2018)

It's been as fear of mine
A strong fear
One that's taunted my mind with images...
Constantly probing my heart

And that fear?
Perhaps it was intuition the whole time.
Alysia Marie Dec 2018
Within the darkness,
I felt it-

Your fingertips
drowning between
each individual strand
of my hair,

Your lips searching  
for comfort
in the delicate curves
of my skin-

And in mornings light,
I felt it once more-

Deep rooted memories
awaiting the return of
the fortresses that have
become your arms,

Where I shall feel
the safety of your
embrace throughout
the night once more-

Longing for it to be
a daily ritual of
waking in the presence
of your love

Alysia Marie 2018 ©
Alysia Marie Dec 2018
I’m sick
And I’m tired
I’m eating my words
As they dance on my tongue
Making me squirm as they turn
Oh I’m biting
I’m chewing
Simply swallowing my pride
For I can’t say how I feel
No matter how hard I’ve tried
For they pin me
They ***** me
Puncturing my mind
As I sit here and silence
Muted like a mime
I can’t say it
I fear it
The version that you’ll see
If I emit all of these feelings
My caged memories
For they haunt me
They taunt me
Like a stained porcelain tub
You can’t rid it of residue
No matter how hard you scrub
That’s my mind
They’re my eyes
Tinted a light shade of blue
As eroded as these beaches
I’m drowning from you
Your fingers
They’ve grabbed me
Now bruising my soul
How can one escape from your grasp-
I just long to feel whole
For it was physical
Now emotional
Unsure which one is worse
See these flashbacks you’ve gifted me
Were your most vicious curse

                               Alysia Marie 2018 ©
Perhaps one day these flashbacks will subside
Perhaps one day it’ll all end.
Alysia Marie Oct 2018
“..And just like that,
Emotions shifted faster than the changing seasons-
Undoubtedly as the leaves did on my favorite tree,
I seemed to be falling-
Falling a little bit more in love with you during each passing day,
But unlike the trees and the seasons-
I don’t see an end to this decent...”

                                  Alysia Marie 2018 ©
It wasn’t until him- that I was able to write about the joys of love
Alysia Marie Sep 2018
I feel like a puddle in front of a school.
Having children jump in me one after another as they see me on the ground.
But every time you jump in a puddle,
the water disperses..
the puddle gets smaller from the water splashing out.
And oh my,
far too many feet have dipped their toes into the hollows of my being for me to feel functional.
I feel as if I’m shrinking like that puddle in a sense.
Tainted by ***** shoes making permanent alterations to my pre-existing form.
Maybe sometimes there’s no “adaptive responses.”
The only way for the puddle to fill and grow again,
is for more rain to fall.
But there are no clouds in this sky of “me.”
A bit of a ramble, but frankly I don’t know how else to describe the way I’m feeling tonight. Sometimes “nothing” says volumes- but it also is just that... nothing
Alysia Marie Sep 2018
He’d move mountains
just so he could see her,

If only he’d notice she’s been standing
beside him the entire time.

                      Alysia Marie 2018 ©
We, as humans- need to stop searching for something that’s alteady within arms reach.
Most of what we need and desire is right in front of us the whole time- try not to overlook it.

Enjoy your day/evening everyone
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