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Alyssa Apr 2020
He said to me,
"And when you're distraught my dear, I want you to look at your hands.
Your hands are the ones that have braced your falls.
They have moved the obstacles in your way, only to create something so beautiful in the end.
Your hands have touched and healed the Earth and the creatures that dwell amongst her.
They know hard work and soft play.
Your hands are the ones that have gripped and grasped firmly to the things and souls you hold most dear.
They have written your traumas and triumphs.
So once again love, I want you to look at YOUR hands and realize just how strong they truly are."

without words,
boy, caught up in the dark,
brown-eyed boy,

as night drifts,
dark in her clouds.


a tumbling
leaden feet
sink to earth,

drowning stream...
poured from a water jug
a dark, crackling sky.  


night's thick opiates

unmissable sky
sinks anchor-like.


dreams carried to the stars,
lost time
stretching like a cat.


boy, sleep sound tonight,
brown-eyed boy,

as night drifts
dark in her clouds.
Alyssa Jan 2017
Pastel skies and chilly dark nights,
this is life for a wildflower like me.
Sitting by the fire full of hopes and desires,
longing to once again feel free.

Seldom do I feel free with my roots deeply entangled in you.
  May 2015 Alyssa
My heart can be compared to the northern lights
It is reflected in my dark brown eyes
That flash colors that no one can explain

Blues the base of all the other colors
All colors fade and melt into the blueness of my soul
My red passion mixed with my blue depression turns into a lustful purple

My hearts deep blue depths sparkle with life
Flashing strands of neon green rise from the depths to the surface and pool there

Embers the colors of vibrant oranges, violent reds and golden yellow burn in the deep blues
Making my soul look angry and aggressive
Though when the brave reach out to touch

They are not burned with the heat of fire but by the fierce pain of pure ice
I watch as if in a dream as my soul changes shape and color
Sometimes it's icy beauty takes my breath away

And causes tears to fill my dark flashing eyes
My soul has seasons like the Earth
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Each season brings its own colors and feelings

It is an endless color wheel that is alive and fills the room with it's life
But sometimes there is no color...
And my soul goes black... and it takes love to bring the color back...
  Apr 2015 Alyssa
Brielle Lachelle
The words I'd like to tell you...
All the things I'd like to say...
I've decided they're simple
Let me put it this way:
I love you
I'm sorry
I miss you
Don't hurt me
  Apr 2015 Alyssa
you've always been my
favorite book
never difficult to pick from the shelf
and breeze through.
I have read you
and over
one thousand times
and I find things
with each and every read
that I never discovered
in the last.
all of the genres
combined within you;
an endless movie
running through my head
with you as the lead role
and I couldn't imagine a life
without you being written
into it.

Copyright ©  2015 Alyssa Packard
All Rights Reserved
reading never came as a challenge for me,
maybe that's why loving you will be so easy
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