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  Sep 2014 Al
I wear a jacket almost ever day
To hide the little bit
Of my stomach poking out
I notice flat tummies
So I cross my arms over mine

I usually put my hair in my face
So people won't notice my dorky glasses
Sometimes I try to go without them
But its hard to see and read things

I wear a lot of makeup
As an attempt to hide the imperfections of my face
I don't like going without it because
I feel people always stare

I know everyone has things
They don't like about themselves
And you may think differently
But if you try and tell me
I end up not believing you
I think you're just lying to me
So I'll feel better about myself
Al Sep 2014
Sometimes I read things that break my heart. Even though I'm over you, I still miss you and wish I could call you mine. Maybe that's my head talking, or maybe it's my heart.
New chapters in life are good but what ***** is I miss the old people.
Al Sep 2014
Playing Cupid is fun
But sometimes
I wish
I had a Cupid of
My own.
Yay for people falling in love!
I know i wont be seeing you anymore
Al Sep 2014
I'm done with
Feeling sorry for me
I'm done with
Feeling sorry for you
I'm done with
Hanging around all day
And never getting over you
I don't need someone
Who will hold me in place
I need someone
Who will let me go
Do my own thing
But stay by my side
And love me through it.
Al Sep 2014
I want to hate you but I can't. I want to wish I had never met you, I want to forget you and move on. But I can't.
I wish I could hate you
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