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As he gazed upon the sky and seen the figures in the cloud drift and go,
He came to realize it's the same in this world.
The faces that exchange the many emotions by simply looking into the soul's window,
Everything can be said by a simple glance but never told.
As he kept walking, set destination was out of the picture.
Just walking along the paved path or creating his own.
Observing the beauty and lending a hand, that's for sure.
Doing his best to help but sometimes only receiving an angry tone.
Reward was not needed, tis only in his nature.
A kind hearted man spreading what he only wishes to receive.
But life brings pains and those whom can deceive.
He simply looks to the sky, closes his eyes and enjoy the breeze.
Enhales deep and releases, he breathes.
He is alive.
I'm alive.
Sometimes it is love that can bring you down,
Like committing a crime,
It can turn your whole world around.

Like a floating cloud in my brain,
Until it fades away or precipitates.

Love is something desired by many,
In which only some proved worthy to obtain it,
While others remain confused searching for an epiphany.
Some wait for something to be created,
Some would wait an eternity,
Some would give everything they up,
Some even travel over seas to lands so vile and corrupt.
To wait a life time for something that may not come.

Sounds pretty insane.

But you don't see it were I'm standing from,
You don't feel my pain.
I have nothing to lose,
But everything to gain.
Life is a mere dream, prove you're worthy to grasp it.
- Alvaro Hugo Cortez Jr
It only takes one leak in a ship to sink it. But without that leak we wouldn't know how to repair the ship and understand there's improvements to be made. We need those leaks so that inside we remain intact, like a crew has to work together to keep the boat afloat. Evolve to progress further.
Whether you're a lone wolf or not. Either you have a crew or a one man/woman crew. Mistakes are made, keep composure and more importantly have courage to fix it. One leak can sink a ship but it cant sink if you learn to repair the damage done.
Something of these days remind of a past,
Surprising how long they feel when knowing how long it's really last,
Memories made and sactioned deep within the mind,
I seek out the truth even if I do not like what I find.

From what the world has sickened is my hopes to purify,
This world is deep beneath the darkness and I yet find reason to conform.
Animalistic behaviors explained through a matters of sophisticated terms of a means to justify what is poison.
Barbarianism with intellect.

We are poison.
Pollution, corruption, war, unnecessary death. Human's means to justify their behavior.
Is it bad to be a human being,
always feeling emotions and trying not to promote them,
but what can you do when all you feel is pain and sorrow for tomorrow and your voice sounds so hollow.
No echo, no stream.
Life is but a dream.
I walk this earth as a bag of bones and I feel so out of place in a world of drones.
Or am I the drone and every one else right.
I'll sit in my darkness and search for a sign.
I am not alright but I will be with time.
Past weitting.#

— The End —