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alta mar Nov 2021
Diffuse flames
off Wisteria's
bloodless branches:
vaporific vitrices
catch gold-green
grass ablaze
with potassium chloride
and eat the
whiteheart spark
that travels
into the mouth of space.
alta mar Nov 2021
twin aphid-eaters
red buttons, poppy leaf kings
tucked in their green homes
for sks
alta mar Nov 2021
In God's absence we are just
atom bundles pressing into each other's electrical fields
making each other's bodies vibrate a little bit faster,
a process we both interpret as comforting.
alta mar Jul 2021
cretaceous, conjoined,
petrified, spectres arborescent:
another family buried
together and bound
by the mineralizing quality of time.
alta mar Jul 2021
corals bob out
apple-colored from
the rhythmic income of
glassy tide and make
for darting fish
the air has become liquid
a great vat of crystal
in the soggy heat
tide-foam pools around
the beach's welcome ankles like
a lace nightgown at
the feet of
a beautiful, bareskinned woman
alta mar Jun 2021
We watch the twinkling fish tank
from dry land. We watch
the unwashed
green algae encroach
on chlorinated blue.
It necrotizes. It becomes oil water.
It becomes licorice tea.
There's Venus, eyes stung, blinking.
We watch the swinging silhouette
on old boiled skin,
the true object of interest.
A rat scuffs her pink paws down
the plastic tube and clunks into the dish.
She eats. Black seed held to chest.
We're content, watching.
You hold me to your chest, too.
alta mar Apr 2021
long licks from the
corrosive coronal

pale dogwood papillae wet-sanding
bare-necked baby girl's earth-salted skin

a square of silicon carbide
refining away dings and scratches

leaving acid streaks and worrying
mouth-shapes into the finish

diligent downturned crescents

to be touched is to lose

top soil to the clutching wind
another game with the warden

a finger to the table saw
dead leaves to the defoliator

she swallows her loot like a librarian
lunching on a primary manuscript
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