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altair May 2020
you put out my light,
with your thumb and forefinger

so i took a match from the box
and watched,

and waiting,
for a yellow flame to erupt

but the light
no longer existed
altair Aug 2020
love just isn’t like how it is in movies
reality is harsh,
like an unexpected gust of icy wind

there’s no sheltering from it
i watched a romance movie and now i'm back to reality i'm feeling let down by the truth that is this world...
altair Apr 2020
i long to feel
even just for a few seconds,
so that i would get
a brief moment
without this endless
numb feeling
altair Feb 9
i long to be there again...

lying on the moon,
embraced in its light.
bathing in its glow
swimming in its brilliance.

i long to dance on saturn's rings
and to sing with jupiters hum
i long to float in the void of space
weightlessly and effortlessly,

at peace
i'm moon girl
altair Apr 2020
when i lose my ability to feel,
i turn to my moon
it’s bright light shines through
my darkness

my moon is an anchor,
despite being ever changing
it's the only thing that stays
altair Apr 2020
is a dangerous word
for someone
who does not know
the meaning
don't give your heart to someone who isn't willing to keep it
altair Apr 2020
way above the clouds,
i watch the moon change phase
floating in the stars,
i’m in a cosmic daze
whispers in my ear,
the planets call my name
so far from it all,
don’t have to feel

lying on the moon,
nowhere else feels right like this
tangled in the sky,
all my sorrows disappear
finally i’m free,
i cry tears of golden light
so far from it all,
don’t even think of you

i’m falling, but i don’t mind falling up here
i’m reaching, but i don’t need catching,
it’s so clear
i’m floating, but never feeling
i’m wondering,
if i’ll every have to leave
this poem is actually the lyrics to a song i wrote

thank you so much if you took the time to read this and listen to my song
altair Feb 9
i reached out for your hand,
so i could follow you to that heavenly place
but my fingers slipped out of yours

and i started to fall
further and further down

i saw your face grow smaller
as i fell further
though the clouds
and back into the atmosphere

with eyes wide and pitiful
your hand was still outstretched
like you were reaching for me
even though you knew i had to go

i felt the wind surround me,
guiding me away from a distant dream
back to a harsh reality

without you
i don't want to live in a world without you, yet here i am and i feel more lonelier than i ever thought possible. my heart breaks over and over again every time you appear in my mind. i don't know how much longer i can do this... i want to see you again

— The End —